Open The Gates For Short Prom Dresses By Using These Simple Tips

Sometimes a lousy dress choice can ruin the party and make us feel like an outcast. Today we will talk about how to dress for a prom party, the basic rules that every girl must follow to fit the dress code and feel good during the event.

When our dismissal from school approaches or as freshmen we receive an invitation to the prom party, our first concern is: What do I wear? Although it sounds egocentric, prom parties are social events in which we want to be up to the task and demonstrate our good taste and what better way to do it than to dress with class.

This article is dedicated to the primary and infallible rules to dress in your most special date.

Forget about long dresses

For night celebrations during the graduations season, it is appropriate to wear short prom dresses, so even though they are beautiful, if you want to make a unique choice, the long prom dresses are the ones for you. It is about going to a prom party, not a royal event, although there are never enough glamorous designs or with many glitter and sequins.

In Prom Beauty: Top Trends to Embrace—And Avoid Allure recommends to take into account that both the graduation ceremony and the subsequent party tend to be very long, so you can rightfully choose two models: one to show off during the photoshoots alongside with your friends or your date and a second to be a lighter and comfortable option.

These are the hottest trends you should embrace for prom:

Dress with triangular neckline

The model Deep Sea Fit and Flare Embellished Bodice Short Dress by Jovani collection 2019 is a midi dress of straight cut to the knee, sleeveless and with spaghetti straps, customized in two different shades of crepe satin blue color. It’s a very flattering dress, that matches all body type, with an original neckline in a triangular shape and full of small shiny stones perfectly placed. Surely you can carry it with a spectacular clutch.

Dress with strappy neckline

Continuing with the Jovani brand, the Green Embellished Open Back Short Dress model. It has an emerald tone that undoubtedly captures the room’s attention; made of polyester with a gathered boat neck with lacing on the sides. The length is at knee height. It is perfect for the girl who wants to go simple but with a special touch (which is achieved both by the color and by the neckline cut diamond located on the back).

Draped dress

The Gold Embellished Fringe Backless Short Dress is a long midi dress with drapes that you can surely get much out of; you can take it to any themed prom and be the protagonist. Its golden color is one of the favorites this season, and it is effortless to combine when choosing accessories from black through sandy tones like pink, nude or blue.

Rules every woman should follow when dressing for a prom party

  • I will respect the protocol. For day diploma ceremony choose cocktail-style short dresses (knee-length or mid-calf) and leave long dresses for the night’s party.
  • Bringing excessive jewelry is not elegant, and you can come off as “over the top” or eccentric. Opt for maxi earrings that stand out for their size and design or a striking necklace. Never both accessories.
  • I will carry the heel cover in my bag so as not to ruin my shoes. As for footwear, in most prom parties girls are exposed to plundering their heels due to a large number of people and the limited space (if it is indoors) or the elements of an outdoor celebration (dirt). Therefore, if you don’t want to run out of heels, the best thing is that you get hell covers to avoid sinking into the grass or betting on a thicker heel, platform or bring other spare shoes. You will appreciate it!
  • Balance your makeup according to the occasion. It is not the same makeup for the day ceremony in which there is much more bright and natural light than makeup for the night party where you can wear stunning and intense smoky eyes.
  • Don’t you, ever, carry a bag with a strap or maxi bag. The recommended purse for both a day and evening prom celebration will always be hand-held and never on a leash.

Ellen Hollington

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