Off the Beaten Track Italian Locations for Your Destination Wedding

Off the Beaten Track Italian Locations for Your Destination Wedding

Italy is renowned for its natural beauty, ancient architecture and delicious food. It is synonymous too with sentiments of love and romance. As the third most visited country in the world, it is a destination that people dream of travelling to or reminisce over for years to come.

Therefore, it is a strong contender among couples from the US and Britain when scouting for a destination wedding location. The charm of cities such as Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice are well celebrated. But if you and your partner have always dreamed of tying the knot in Italy and prefer the idea of something more unique and off the beaten track, then here are some locations that will offer something a little different to you and your guests.

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Sicily is not new in terms of holiday locations; however, some couples may be put off it a destination wedding location, due to preconceived ideas of remoteness and ease of travel. Whilst you are more likely to require a car it order to reach the most stunning parts of this island; you will certainly not regret a decision to tie the knot here.

The south coast of Sicily is one of the sunniest places in Europe so there is nowhere quite as spectacular as this Italian island if you dream of an outdoor wedding on the beach.

Sicily wedding venues can include top 5-star hotels, vineyards and small medieval villages with Arabic influences for a truly unique backdrop to your memorable day.

When it comes to entertaining your guests, the island has so much to offer including wineries, hiking volcanic maintains, Ancient Greek ruins and golden sandy beaches. It would be a trip of a lifetime for family and friends all while celebrating your marriage.


This region on the east of Italy may be new to you but Abruzzo is certainly an up-and-coming location. It is unique in that the level of tourism remains relatively low when compared to other areas thronged with visitors year-round. This makes it a gem of a location for a destination wedding, as it still has all the signatures you would want from an Italian setting.

It can offer beach settings along the Adriatic coast, romantic vineyards as it is famed for the wine produced locally and snow-covered mountains further inland.

Abruzzo is likely to provide competitive wedding packages and prices and here you will get an insight into the true Italian culture and food.

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Next on the list is the northern region of Emilia-Romagna, it is renowned for its gastronomy and medieval towns.

One such city is Parma, well known for one of Italian most delicious and exported food products, Prosciutto di Parma. But it often escapes the attention of couples as a wedding venue.

This region is all about meats, cheeses and architecture. IF the menu is high on the list of your priorities this setting will be heaven for you. There are an abundance of castles and villas with vast gardens therefore it is the ideal option for large wedding parties.

Emilia Romagna is a great location to kick start a food tour of Italy after the celebrations have ended and enjoy a honeymoon of indulgences.


Puglia located in the south of Italy is another region where tourism for abroad is beginning to increase. Get there ahead of the crowds for a unique wedding venue, an off the beaten track location family and friends have never visited and will remember forever.

It would make the ideal location for a large outdoors wedding, with the possibility of rent an entire property in the form of a masseria, former farmhouses many of which have be beautifully renovated into hotels or venues for private hire.

Despite being an up-and-coming area the airport in the regions capital of Bari makes it convenient to access. The wedding can be easily followed by a relaxing beach break along the southern peninsula.

Any of these locations would make great choices for a destination wedding location especially if you have travelled to Italy before and are looking for a new area to discover the true Italy.

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