Nine Style Mistakes You Should Avoid When Going On A First Date

Nine Style Mistakes You Should Avoid When Going On A First Date

Beyond the first day at high school, hearing back from the dream job that you applied for, your first ever speeding ticket, there are only a few other things in life that can give you more jitters than planning for the first date.

What if they are weird? What if you have nothing in common with them? What to wear? What to order? Ufff!

See, there are a lot of things and scenarios in life that you cannot plan. So, it is best to stop thinking about everything that could go wrong. Believe us when we say this, it is not worth the energy.

However, one thing that you can control is what to wear on a first date. We are so not judging you if you are stressing over this because it is essential. You wish to leave a good first impression on them, quite understandable. However, there are a few style mistakes that you must never make on your first date. Here, we will enlist a few of them. So, let us get started and address these style mistakes one by one.

Unpressed Won’t Impress.

Before you leave for your first date, you should give yourself adequate time to put on some fresh clothes.

‘A simple date rule that everyone should follow is to never leave your home in wrinkled clothes,’ comments Rosy, an associate who offers online accounting assignment help

 Yes, you must never show up on a date wearing some wrinkled clothes, which look as if they were just taken straight from the drawer, or maybe something like you just slept wearing these clothes and then came to date right after. Please iron the clothes you wear. It showcases your effort. If you go on a date in well-ironed clothes, your date will feel that you made an effort, and it will leave a good impression.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

You may hear this time and again, but you must always wear something you feel comfortable in regardless of the date. It should neither curtail your body movements nor make you feel uncomfortable. Of course, that does not mean that you will pick out your sweatpants and hoodies that you wear every day to the gym to the date. It must not look like you did not make any effort to dress up. To put it simply – While you must not wear something over the top, you must also not wear something that makes you seem overly casual or silly. Take the effort and time, and pick out something that possibly makes you feel comfortable but stylish.

Stressing Out Too Much

Why do you have to stress so much planning a first date outfit? In all honesty, what you wear on your next few dates, is all the more important. Why?

‘Naturally, men and women put in more extra effort when dressing for the first date. So, when they start dressing down in the subsequent dates, it makes the other person feel that you are getting comfortable with them,’ comments Hannah, an educator who offers online take my online class for me services.

Going for A Haircut Just a Day or Two Ahead of the Date

Your hair takes about a week to settle. More so, god forbid, if you end up getting a bad haircut, you will end up feeling awful all through the date. This will leave you feeling uncomfortable through and through. Consequently, you will be unable to enjoy and make the most of your first date.

Assuming you are meeting this person for the first time, and they do not know you in advance, you must never schedule your haircut anytime close to your date.

Not Dressing According to the Season

As much as you want to look stylish and out-there, it would be best to consider the season. You need to dress right for the season and the weather. Nobody would want to date a guy who comes on a date wearing shorts when it is 40-degrees outside. At the same time, do not overdress that you end up sweating in your clothes. Overall, it is vital to wear temperature apt clothes to keep you comfortable and warm/cool depending on the weather.

‘Since the weather is unpredictable, I always carry a layering piece, say a denim jacket, or a cardigan, or a bomber jacket, which can be worn or removed easily according to the temperature changes,’ comments Sana, an online organic chemistry tutor

Going Over the Top

You do not have to seem too ambitious for your first date. Go easy! We understand that you want to wear something eye-catching, something that is in vogue, and something extremely fashionable. But before you finally wear something to your date, try it and see – Does it look good on you? Ask your mom or sister about how it looks for a better perspective. See, it is okay to want to dress to impress, but do not shock.

Do not Go too Deep

For men, the T-shirts are a staple wardrobe inclusion. Of course, it is because they can go with anything and everything. More so, there are abundant styles, colors, and choices to pick from that you cannot run out of options. However, men, please note that when you wear a T-shirt, the V should be only about 3” from your collarbone. It should not be deep. If your man-cleavage shows when you wear a V-neck t-shirt, then yes, it is good deep. It is a dated fashion sense and should be done with.

Speaking about cleavage, ladies, you have to be equally careful, Do not bare it all. Keep it appropriate. It is okay to be a head-turner, but you do not want everyone staring at you, right?

Dressing for the Wrong Kind of Date

You may think it is your first date, so you should go all out, and look amazing, which is fine. But you cannot wear a pub dress to a movie theatre, right? This will firstly make you look out of the place. Next, when you have people giving you eyeballs, it will make you look uncomfortable, and naturally, when you are uncomfortable, your date won’t be comfortable either. So, always dress according to the kind of date that you are going on. You may want to skip the heels if you are going to an amusement park or bowling.

Continuously Adjusting your Outfit.

Lastly, if you keep adjusting your outfit, it outright shows you are uncomfortable. And this will leave you feeling uneasy. So, do not wear something too tight or too deep that you have to adjust constantly.

Bear in mind, when you pick your outfit for the first date, your idea should be to present who you are. So, avoid these style mistakes, and get set going.

Ellen Hollington

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