Mustache Transplant Turkey

Mustache Transplant Turkey

Moustache transplant is very similar to hair transplant procedures. It is performed under local anaesthesia and takes approximately 2-3 hours.

Moustache loss in men can occur for different reasons. Solutions are frequently sought, as this creates an aesthetically unsightly appearance.

Benefiting from all the possibilities of modern medicine, moustache transplant offers a solution to patients in this regard. For this, first of all, the patient’s suitability is examined.

If there is no problem, the number of grafts to be transplanted is calculated. Then, how it will be seen after planting is planned. After the donor area is determined, the procedures are started. After the meeting, the graft is left to dry before being planted. In the meantime, channels are formed in the moustache area. Transfer operations are also carried out in this area.

Working professionally on Moustache transplant Turkey, Healdone helps you achieve the look you want in a short time.

Which Area Chosen for Moustache Transplant?

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The area where moustache transplant will be applied differs according to the patient. Although the neck area is generally used, this area may be insufficient for some people. In this case, the hairs on the arms or legs can also be used.

What Causes Moustache Loss?

There are many known reasons for moustache loss today. Ringworm disease is one of them. In addition, wounds in the moustache area can also damage the roots. Thus, it causes losses. In addition, inflammation and infections and Psoriasis are also causes for spills.

The reason for moustache shedding differs in each patient. In mustache transplant procedures, the cause is also being investigated. Thus, more permanent solutions are offered. Healdone helps you achieve the look you want by working professionally on hair transplantation. Regardless of your moustache loss, efficient results can be obtained in every patient.

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