Music And Shoes: Great Tips From Natural Shoes Store

If you know anything about the world we live in, you will most definitely know the iconic people who rule the music industry.  Each artist has a different style and type of thing which Kenny vs Spenny they are recognised for. The Natural Shoe Store have created this extremely informatic and creative piece which shows a great selection of musicians with their classic shoe     The Color of the Tea     featured they have named is Music & Shoe History.

This includes celebrities from the likes of Pink Floyd to David Bowie as well as the lead singers of our generation being Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and of course the infamous style icon Lady Gaga. Yes we still remember the meat dress! Fashion and Music have a massive connection. Most musicians want to be known for something other than their voice hence why they venture into fashion, it’s hard to stand out these days for something, so most of the time artists must find something which will differentiate them from the rest. Why not find a crazy pair of shoes and slap them on!

From suede boots to incredibly high inched heels which seem abnormally difficult to walk on, the musicians of our generation know exactly what they are doing.  It is very easy to tell which shoes belong to which person as in this generation fashion and style is massive connected and many of these people inspire us when it comes to our own fashion. Featured are an extremely great variation of styles and different colours, from bright reads to shimmery silvers, there is nothing these artists cannot wear! Lady Gaga is of course known for her crazy platform shoes with incredible patterns on them, where as someone such as Justin Bieber is known for inspiring this generation when it comes to the classic Nike and Adidas style trainer with an obvious brand logo. Someone such as Justin also has made it a classic fashion statement to pair dark tracksuits and skinny jeans with an obviously bold pair of shoes to direct attention to them.

To summarise this all up I think we can all take pointers from the extremely talented people who are featured on The Nature Shoe Stores “Music and Shoes” piece and it is clear to see these people are doing it right. And I now need to re-evaluate my own wardrobe as their shoes most definitely put mine to shame! Out of everyone featured I ask myself which style is my favourite?



Ellen Hollington

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