Looking For The Best Products For Curly Frizzy Hair? We Have The Perfect Solution To Tame Humidity!

Looking For The Best Products For Curly Frizzy Hair? We Have The Perfect Solution To Tame Humidity!

Frizzy hair is characterized by individual hair fibers running in different directions. For you to have frizzy hair, the hair cuticle is usually elevated, hence losing moisture and swelling the strands. This is what gives the curly frizzy hair a rough feel.

Primarily, curly frizzy hair is caused by humidity. Essentially, as the curly hair is exposed to an environment with high humidity, it breaks the hydrophobic bonds, thus creating the frizz. Additionally, curly hair is prone to frizz than straight ones since it is harder to align hair fibers.

Curly frizzy hair is something normal that you should expect during hot and humid weather. However, with the right product, you can have your hair back to normal. Below are some of the best products for curly frizzy hair used to deal with humidity.

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Right Shampoo

First, you do not need to wash your hair frequently. However, when you do, you need to find the perfect shampoo for it. The shampoo should incorporate products like coconut oil and shea butter. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which, when applied to curly frizzy hair it adds moisture and reduces protein loss. On the other hand, shea butter is the best option for coarse, frizzy hair, as it helps reduce the kinks.

The shampoo should include glycerine or panthenol and natural oils such as argan. Argan oil consists of moisturizing agents such as oleic acid and linoleic acid. Argan oil treats curly frizzy hair by providing a protective barrier to the hair from heat.

Additionally, you need to avoid shampoos that contain sulfate-based cleansers. Despite the fact that this cleanser is rich in foam and bubbles for cleansing, they cause more harm to your hair. The sulfate-based cleansers are responsible for drying your scalp and hair. This makes your curly hair to be more frizzy.
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Of the different types of conditioners, a leave-in conditioner is ideal for curly frizzy hair. It adds moisture to the hair and helps it get smooth. The leave-in conditioner also helps treat curly frizzy hair by cushioning it from heat. It tangles each hair cuticle with a protective layer hence causing it to smooth, and the spiraling effect makes it untangled and non-frizzy. In essence, the provision of a moisturizing effect coupled with a shielding effect makes conditioners the right product for curly frizzy hair.

Lightweight Cream-Gel

Notably, the cream-gel is lighter than styling gel, making it applicable for different styling options. The cream-gel is incorporated with moisturizing agents that add moisture to the hair. Additionally, it coats the hair cuticle hence protecting it against humidity. Additionally, its shiny nature adds aesthetic to the curly hair.

Essentially, frizzy hair is a result of misaligned hair fibers that are contributed by dry hair. Ironically, humidity contributes to having curly frizzy hair. You will need products of curly frizzy hair to remediate this. The products used to prevent curly frizzy hair include shampoo, conditioner and lightweight cream-gel. All these products function by either adding a coating to the cuticle to protect it from humidity or making the hair moist.

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