Jhumka: Traditional and Timeless

What’s a Jhumka? Jhumkas are striking bell shaped earrings from India. The design has hanging elements that make it look like a chandelier or a bell. They are an exquisite piece of jewelry that have been popular in India. If you want to know how it looks browse jhumkas designs here.

The History and its significance

In India, wearing jewelry is very significant, especially to a woman. A good collection of jewelry emits that you have power, good status and wealth. In times of financial crisis, a woman owning a lot of jewelries gave financial security.mksj73-1.jpg (1100×1100)

Jhumkas, before, were offered to deities and then were a part of Bharathanatyam Jewelry set. Bharathanatyam is a major genre of Indian classical dance. They are solo dances performed by women. Most themes of the dances are either religious, mythical or spiritual. The combination of gold, red/green and white pearls were the original designs for Jhumkas, though nowadays they have more colors and designs.

Wearing of big gorgeous Jhumkas make the public think that the woman or her family can afford a lot of luxuries in life.

Jhumka Invasion

Gods were offered Jhumka and other jewelries before. And only royalty wore Jhumka a long time ago before the temple dancers. Slowly, it became a must owned jewelry for Indian women, especially the brides. And as Bollywood and the Indian film industry began to rise, many see these gorgeous ornaments on India’s Bollywood top actresses and that caught everyone’s attention; everyone meaning the world.

This piece of jewelry has not only been adorned in India but has now been loved by both Westerners and Easterners. Jhumkas has this uniqueness that entrances you. It is ageless and dazzling. You could see fashion models and celebrities wear it on red carpets.

Though before, it is only worn with traditional Indian outfits, people nowadays can pair it up with western styled dresses or casual clothes. Wearing the hair up will most probably highlight the Jhumkas.

Finding Jhumka

Luckily, you don’t have tomksj75-1.jpg (1100×1100) be in India to buy Jhumka. You could buy jhumkas online. There are many types of Jhumkas you can buy online; from the Traditional Golden Jhumkas, Terracotta Jhumkas (handmade from earthen baked clay) to Pearl Jhumkas. You could browse it online and buy one or two you love the most.

Jhumka came from one country but has been shared to the world, and gladly, it has been accepted with open arms. Come buy one now.


Ellen Hollington

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