Jewelry And Human Temperament

gold chain or silver chain

Depending on the person’s personality and temperament, the preference for jewelry is also different. Generally, people’s temperament can be divided into the following types:

Naive type: This person’s character is carefree and childish, and it is advisable to use jewellery with simple colors. Such as light green, reddish gems and jade with ice-green flowers.

Charming: This person is gentle and easy to be ashamed. It is advisable to use jewellery with a sleek, soft color and warmth to be warm and charming.

Unrestrained: This kind of person’s character is bold and unconstrained, and it is advisable to use large, rough and dynamic and stimulating jewelry. Such as the thick denim gold chain or silver chain worn by men, plus Maitreya or large jade buckles, women wear big chicken hearts, big Guanyin and the big ring of the ear.

Philip type: this kind of person is resolute and decisive. Jewelry with a straightforward abstraction and strong rhythm should be chosen.

When it comes to jewellery, what you can associate with is the color of jewellery. It is unique, but the beauty of jewellery is not only the color, but also many other beautiful places. The natural beauty of jewellery and jade is its attribute, and it is also the jewel itself. What is the natural expression of beauty, and what is the beauty of jewellery and jade?

  1. The beauty of color The first thing that jewels and jade show is its beautiful color. Different jewels and jade in different colors stimulate different feelings in people’s psychology. For example, Nanhong gives people a warm, warm welcomed and festive feeling in bright red.

2, the beauty of luster The luster of jewellery and jade is also one of the manifestations of natural beauty. The brilliance of different jewels and jade shows different characteristics, giving people different feelings and enjoyment. Such as diamonds with brilliant flashing luster gives a dazzling effect;

3, the transparent beauty The transparent beauty of jewelry and jade also reflects the characteristics of natural beauty, giving people a different experience. Diamonds and crystals purify people’s hearts with pure and flawless transparency.

4, the beauty of natural beauty Jewelry and jade sometimes give people a great surprise with a unique natural shape. The ornamental stone of nature often uses its unique shape to make people marvel at the artistic charm of nature. Such as the crystal crystal of a column of the heavenly style gives people the feeling of strong mountains and rivers

  1. Feeling Beauty Jewelry and jade will bring people a sense of beauty in addition to the visual beauty. For example, diamonds bring cool and clear enjoyment to people with their high thermal conductivity, which makes people calm and peaceful. The poor thermal conductivity of nephrite makes people feel warm and friendly, which is the main reason why jewelry and jade are loved by people. .

In short, jewellery and jade have all kinds of peculiar beauty given by nature. These beautiful aspects are brought about by nature; on the other hand, they are also explored and created by people.

If jade jewelry represents the most beautiful part of Chinese culture, then jade jewelry women reflect the most beautiful group of Chinese women. Emerald raises the beauty of women.

Beauty jade is sent to a beautiful woman, jade is the king of stone, and the multi-colored jewels can illuminate the noble, feminine, and varied styles of women. The jade gift that was given to her to wear evening dresses and wear high-grade jade jewelry when she attended certain banquets, that is, solemn, and showed her noble, gentle and elegant temperament.

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