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If you have connecting devices and fixtures around your home to make your residence A Smart home (with the help of those internet-connected devices), then you might have noticed that each device is there to solve a particular issue, like a smart plug to add some automation to a lamp. You might also be invested in an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant-powered smart speaker, or maybe you’re one of the rarer breeds of Siri and Apple voice assistant adherents. We generally tend to think of the voice assistants as the starting point for building an off-the-shelf smart home since they offer a convenient way for multiple family members or co-residents to interact with the various devices in our home, like ro plant for a home. However, the thing that we must remember that not all smart home products will work with multiple voice assistants.

Right now in the market, there are some voice-assistant which very popular among the users. The number of users for these voice assistant cum-smart speaker is in the tens of thousands. The two very close competitors are the Google Home Mini, and Amazon echoes dot. But according to some of the experts, the Amazon Dot can be a better pick over the Google Home Mini due to one small hardware advantage. It has an audio-out jack, which Google doesn’t. And when it comes to the best smart light bulbs, the Philips Hue smart light bulbs can be a better pick over the others for numerous reasons and with good reason.

Smart Home Appliances:

After the Smart home speaker, the next element in the array of a smart home is Thermostat (whose job is to maintain the temperature of the different components in a home). A Wi-Fi-based thermostat helps you control your home heating and air conditioning system with an app or with your voice. Also, a few additional features can help it stand out. On its own, the Thermostat itself can read the ambient temperature of the surrounding environment and can adjust it accordingly.

The Thermostat is a useful accessory in maintaining the temperature of your home, so always make sure that the install point is in a central location, or if you want to make sure a nursery or your home office is the focal point so that it can avail the feature of controlling the feature of a room based on the temperature of the other room. Now for the Thermostat, it is very common to work with smart speakers and voice Assistant and like Google Next and Amazon Alexa. This has been possible because all the devices in life could be connected to the internet. Not just the computers and smartphones, but everything single electronic devices like clocks, speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, windows, window blinds, water heaters, and appliances for other utilities. These interconnected devices have a duplex-communication with the central hub. So that they can send you information, and take your commands. The entire situation is not imagination; it’s the Internet of Things (IoT), which is a key component and main driving force behind the home automation and smart homes. And one of the components of a smart home is the Thermostat. It also controls the temperature of the domestic ro plant.

Next component is the cameras; it deals with the security across your entire home. The system may include a base station, a keypad, a motion sensor, and an open/close sensor. However, you can also customize the things from a selection of different sensors, from smoke to glass-break. Some system may require contact to lock, but some does no contract to lock you into its service plan. Manufactures also offer professional monitoring package on a monthly basis, to take best out of the system.

The wall switch is one of the next things that makes your home smart, uses Wi-Fi to connect to and control various smart devices across your home. In general, it has a touch screen display with user-friendly button controls that let you play music, control lighting, set thermostat temperatures, and see who is at your door, among other things. It can work with many popular smart home platforms and has the built-in support for Amazon Alexa voice assistant that allows it to do almost everything that Echo device can do. In general wall, switches are fairly pricey and require wiring knowledge to install, but it’s a smart addition to a high-tech home.

The concept of Home automation is exactly what it sounds like; it is the automation ability to control devices around the house from window shades to pet feeders, all just with a simple push of a button or a voice command if you uses smart home speakers. There are some activities like setting up a lamp to turn on and off at your whim, are simple and relatively inexpensive. But there is some advanced implementation like camera surveillance which requires relatively more amount of investment in terms of time and money. With the continuous developments in the filed now, we have a whole range of smart home product categories so that you can control everything from lights to temperature and from locks to security in your home. They also happen to make fantastic gifts, whether you’re shopping for the holidays or buying a housewarming present.

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