Important Anniversary Gemstones That You Should Know

Important Anniversary Gemstones That You Should Know

Anniversary is a very important milestone in a couple’s life. It celebrates the togetherness and the promise a man and a woman make to each other to spend the rest of their lives together in harmony. These kinds of special occasions deserve special gifting ideas. Not many know that there is a gemstone associated with every anniversary year. We have put together some important anniversary gemstones and how those are used in the jewelry so that you can take a cue for the next anniversary gifting idea from it.

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1st Anniversary Gemstone: We know there is no gemstone associated with the first anniversary, but it is worth mentioning that gold symbolizes the first glorious year spent with each other. If it’s your first anniversary, think of buying some fine jewelry for your partner. You can visit this website of Melorra that hosts some of the latest and trendiest designs of gold jewelry that are lightweight and unique in their designs.

2nd Anniversary Gemstone: The gemstone associated with the 2nd anniversary is the vivacious garnet. The red color of this stone is the most popular and looks beautiful when set with white gold in the form of a ring.

3rd Anniversary Gemstone: Pearls are associated with your third year of togetherness. Pearls are naturally luxurious and regal. There are never too many pearl necklaces or bracelets a woman can have.

4th Anniversary Gemstone: Welcome your 4th year of marriage with a blue topaz studded ring. It is considered one of the rarest gemstones and it personifies affection and love between a couple.

5th Anniversary Gemstone: Sapphire is the gemstone that represents the 5th Anniversary. Being one of the four precious gemstones, the sapphire radiates a striking blue color. When studded in jewelry it completely transforms the look of the piece. You can either gift sapphire studded earrings, a necklace, or even a statement cocktail ring.

10th Anniversary Gemstone: 10 years of togetherness is quite a milestone in your marriage, and what better gemstone than diamond to represent this year? It is a great occasion to add a sparkling diamond to your lady love’s jewelry collection. You can go out and out romantic and propose to her once again with a diamond ring! For some amazing design ideas, you can check out here at Melorra.

15th Anniversary Gemstone: A flaming red Ruby associates itself with the 15th wedding anniversary. The deep red color or ruby evokes passion and everything love. Ruby is thought to have the power to bring the drifting couple together. Rubies look good with all-metal colors of gold like yellow, white, rose-gold, silver, and even platinum. Rubies look magnificent when set along with diamonds in a necklace.

20th Anniversary Gemstone: Two decades of partnership calls for something special – an Emerald gemstone. The mesmerizing green color of this gemstone has been an integral part of royalties. You can get a bracelet studded with emerald for your partner, which looks stylish and beautiful.

We hope the above information will help you to pick a special gift for this anniversary for your loved one.

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