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Fishtail Eyebrows Are The Strangest Beauty Trends Taking Over Social Media!

The fishtail eyebrows are all over social media.

Fishtail brows are the latest trends, which Huda Beauty, SkyzEditz has been following quite anxiously – and it totally indicates How Huda Beauty loves @skyzeditz work here.

It involves shaping your eyebrows into two different sections that are angled in completely opposite directions.

The exclusive is rather more wearable than the prior brow trends, such as the Christmas tree eye brows and Snake eyebrows. People are even photoshopping this trend onto different celebrities like Huda Kattan and Rihanna.

Just when you thought that you have safely left behind the strange eyebrow trends that appeared in year 2017, they are not back and taking all over Instagram. The weird brow trend you are seeing on all your favorite makeup and beauty bloggers is the fishtail brow, so named; it resembles the tail of a fish.

Unlike the previous trend of kooky brows, nevertheless, this one perhaps actually be rather wearable. We have been accustomed to looks that include the eyebrows being turned into Christmas trees, Gucci Snakes and Golden Aches, so you may anticipate the fishtail brows to be likely over-the-top, perhaps with people sequins posted in fish scales pattern or even actual fish scales scraped from real sea creatures. Fortunately, this is nothing of such sort. Instead, it just is about shaping the end of your brows into two different sections, with each one being angled in a completely opposite direction. No squiggles, no braids, no glitters, just a classy Instagram brow!

As you may anticipate, this rather subdued look is a big hit with the cadre of beauty influencers responsible for popularizing them. Huda beauty loves how SkyzEditz have worked on this trend, and as a result have uploaded a few photos of herself on Insta rocking this dynamic trend.

It is vital to note down that the makeup mogul did not actually draw on the eyebrows herself; rather, they have been photoshoppped by SkyzEditz to be posted over Instagram and other social media portals. SkyzEditz has since photoshopped this fish eyebrow trend onto various other beauty bloggers and influencers, including Rihanna and she is looking quite good. So, people may actually start trying this latest brow trend, as they have been doing several others in the past. Lets see how it really goes!

Ellen Hollington

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