How to Style a Women’s Leather Jacket like a Fashion Blogger

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No matter where you live in the world, chances are you’ve seen a fair share of fashion bloggers who connect with their audiences through creative content. Whether it is a very niche crowd or an inclusive community, most eyes fall on fashion bloggers for inspiration and that is the key to this article. How to style a women’s leather jacket like a fashion blogger.

ALWAYS be Ready to Say Cheese…

Something that not many people may notice but before all the styling and makeup, part of looking good really comes from within. It is only when you feel good and carry positive thoughts can you look genuine and furthermore, genuinely happy. Have you ever seen a fashion blogger looking gloomy? Precisely. A smile can not just transform your image through pictures but can also ‘up’ your mood and attitude. You may even have to fake it sometimes… and why not!

Less is More and More and Even More

Whether it is avoiding overly styled hair, excessive makeup or simply going overboard with styling. Professional fashion bloggers know when to hit the brakes on ‘too much’. Instead, go for fresh, natural hairstyles, minimum makeup, statement accessories ONLY and you’re on your way. The spotlight on your favourite women’s leather jacket will then shine brighter.

The Sheen of Clean is Incomparable

That’s so true. Instead of focusing too much on being glamourous it’s way better to start out by going for a clean and crisp appearance. There is no use of sporting an awesome women’s leather jacket with hair that is a bit soiled or unkempt, nails that are misshapen right? Instead go for a simple well kept set of nails, clean well groomed hair and a very muted, minimalist or basic colour palette for your wardrobe. Notice how fashion bloggers always look good even in basic black and white. It’ll make your leather jacket all the more luxe and on point.

Attention to Detail Always

This is a bit of a tricky one. Paying attention to detail is all about noticing the smaller points that could be a distraction. Diverting the eye away from your awesome women’s leather jacket thanks to loud colour or busy patterns could kill your look before you even step out of your house. Try to stay away from colours that make you look ill, pale or washed out. If you’re having a bad hair day (we’ve all had them) it’s best to go for a simple pony-tail or a hat if it goes with the style of your leather jacket. Make sure eye makeup isn’t runny or lipstick isn’t smeared and you’ve mastered this point.

Great Outdoors

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Even though taking selfies or having pictures of you taken indoors can be creative and stylish at the same time, you’d notice that true blue fashion bloggers are almost always spotted outdoors. With that said, try out your awesome look with your cool leather jacket against a beautiful scene or backdrop. Perhaps the corner of a street or against a uniquely designed piece of architecture. Not only will you get variety in your selfies, style and set but you will also get a chance to meet people, make friends and most of all experience life like you may never have before. Who knows you may even find a great coffee place too!

Go Styling

Before you Go Styling

As an ending note, you will notice that the above pointers are pretty simple to adopt although consistency too makes a difference. So the more you keep these factors in mind and consciously apply them to your styled women’s leather jacket, you’re good to go. Whether you make changes to your facial expressions, wardrobe styling, minor details that we talked about above, or like our bonus tip you go for outdoor selfies in different locations around town to share your cool look on social-media. You’re golden!

Ellen Hollington

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