How to spot high quality clothing?

Do you know how to spot high quality clothing and apparel? Many will look at brand names, while others will use the price tag to decide if a piece of clothing will last. In most cases, neither of these are a good way to tell if a dress you are about to purchase is really worth the money you are about to spend on it.

If you are tired of clothing that fades easily, pills or loses its shape after just one season, keep reading for 6 tips to spotting high-quality clothing that will last you for years.

What To Look For When Shopping For Quality Clothing And Apparel:

Strong Stitching- any time you are shopping for a new outfit, be sure to inspect the stitching. Look for unraveling, missed stitches, loose stitches, snags, crooked lines and other imperfections that might mean the garment is of lesser quality. Strong, solid stitching will last longer.

Well-Cut- have you ever noticed when trying on clothing that something doesn’t quite fit the way it should? This is because designers will often try to cut corners and save on materials causing their garments to fit just a bit short in the sleeves, or too snug in the chest. Premium clothing fits the way it should because it is well cut and well made.

Natural Fibers- clothing manufactured using natural fibres over synthetic, generally tend to last much longer. Natural fibres such as cotton, wool, cashmere, linen and silk are all much more durable than nylon.

Spare Buttons- sometimes, you will find additional buttons sewn into the inside of the garment. This isn’t because the designer expects the original buttons to break, it is because they expect the garment to last much longer than traditional clothing would.

Fabric Patterns That Match Up- when shopping for clothing that has an interesting pattern, look to see that the pattern match up where there are seams. This shows that the designer cares about their products and want to give the customer the very best they have to offer.

Quality Buttons- while this might seem trivial to some, high quality buttons usually means higher quality clothes.

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