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How to Selfrom

Bicycle Helmet Cover Online?

Here are some of the important factors to consider when shopping for a bicycle helmet cover  online.

Know Your Head Size And Shape

Wearing a helmet that doesn’t fit your head properly is no use. This is because a headgear too large will keep wobbling around your head, while one that is too small will put pressure on all the wrong points of your head. If this  is the case with your current bike helmet, change it ASAP!

Leading brands have a standard motorcycle helmet size chart with sizes ranging from XS to XXL and respective dimensions in cm or mm.

Now, the measurement of the same-size helmet, say M, might vary across different brands. Therefore, always measure your  head’s circumference to see which value in cm/mm is closest to this measurement. You can get a rough idea by wrapping a cloth tape around your head, 1 inch above your eyebrows at the front and the highest point at the back of your head. Take multiple measurements to get the most accurate result.

Bike Helmet Fit

Yes, your head might end up showing the same measurements of the cloth tape as another person, and yet your helmet might feel extremely uncomfortable for him/her. This is where a head shape like round, oval, egg-like, or earth-shaped comes into play.

The internal padding decides this shape. Even the best motorcycle helmet brands use some 2-3 basic external shells for the 6 different headgear sizes. For instance, an XL helmet shell is sold as both L and M size ones.

Here, the thickness of internal padding decides the final size and fit. In this case, the M helmet will have thicker padding compared to L. While this is fine, people with very small head sizes, like S, should make sure, despite the internal padding, that the outer shell isn’t oddly large, say L.

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All speculations aside, you will know a helmet will offer you optimum safety if it is comfortable. To understand this, you must never shy away from trying on every helmet matching your size.


Full face helmets come with face shields or visors, which many motorcycle riders in India tend to keep open the face shields. If you are one of them, your excuse might be a blurry vision. However, that is exactly what needs to be fixed.

When choosing from the best motorcycle helmet brands, always go for headgear with a transparent visor rather than a dark-tinted or smoked one. Also, while trying it on, check for possible distortions, especially around the edges. For even better clarity, you can opt for an anti-scratch and anti-fog visor if your budget allows it.


In a tropical country like India, proper helmet ventilation is an utmost necessity. With summer reigning over a major part of the year, most motorcycle riders skip wearing helmets to avoid getting sweaty and suffocated.


Now that you know all about the importance of this indispensable item of motorcycle riding gear, risk your life no further. Always adhere to safe and proper helmet usage for optimal comfort, while also avoiding fines. Now while selecting helmet cover online, make sure you have checked above mentioned points.

Remember, your life is more valuable than how you look while wearing a helmet!

Ellen Hollington

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