How to Plan for A Perfect Marriage Proposal

How to Plan for A Perfect Marriage Proposal

Marriage, proposal, life partner, are some of the most special terms and occasions of one’s life. Well if you’re planning to propose to your partner, you have a lot of preps and planning to do. Try to make the most of it and make it the best day of your partner’s life. So let’s read about the best ideas for a perfect and memorable marriage proposal:

Get a Flawless Ring:

No matter how long it takes, choose the best ring possible. Search for something that makes them think of you every time they see it. One of the best ring ideas could be the moonstone ring in Australia. Make sure that when you relive this moment, you just get one thought- happily ever after! Get the color your partner loves, the material and design that your partner love to make it memorable for them and their family- something they’ll never forget.

Select a Sentimental Location:

For the proposal you are planning, a location that your partner would love could be the place that you had your first date on. It can be the rooftop, the restaurant, or the bar that you guys had your first kiss in. it could be the place where you shared your first “I love you’s”. This makes your relationship complete a full circle of turns, events, ups, and downs, and signifies your togetherness.

Hire a Professional Photographer:

Professional photographers know exactly how to capture the moment, the light, the perfect background at the right time. They know how to make your setting look even more magical and position themselves to capture your partner’s priceless reaction and the look on their face when they realize what is going on.

Involve her Family and Friends:

Sharing the best day and moment of her life with her family friends and close ones can always make it more memorable. It is always better to share your joys and happiness with others. Ask them to secretly be there around you and your partner or if it’s your preference, take them for a vacation, a fun activity like paragliding or enjoying on the beach, a perfect classy dinner, or an evening wine session and propose your partner in front of everyone. After popping out the ring and asking them to marry you, wavy everyone in for a big group hug and celebrate the best day of your lives with everyone!

Add some Music:

Every couple has that one song that adds more meaning to their relationship. If you don’t, make sure you know your partner’s favorite song and play it in the beginning before going in for the proposal in front of everyone. This might give your partner a gist of what’s going to happen, might confuse them a little too! To get your partner a little more confused about what’s going on, stand up from your dinner table in the middle of the eve, take their hand, and pull them closer for a slow dance, make them feel special, and propose them!

Ellen Hollington

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