How to Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out

Congratulations on taking charge of your love life and joining the world of online dating! Even though dating apps have been around for decades, the Covid restrictions and quarantine protocols of the last year have given singles little choice but to embrace the idea of online dating en masse. And, while it may be exciting to think of an even larger pool of potential love interests waiting for your swipe of approval, the flip side of that elusive coin is that there’s also way more competition in that pool for you, too.

Whether you’re venturing into the online love landscape for the first time–or the first time in a long time–it’s imperative that your profile represents the very best of you. Keep scrolling to find out how you can make your dating profile stand out amongst the pack and make the splash you need to get the best matches.

Get Some Friendly Insight

Now is not the time to be shy. Talking yourself up on your dating profile is totally acceptable–albeit in a humble and classy way, of course. Find a witty and enthusiastic way to highlight your best attributes. And, if you’re drawing a blank about how to describe your best qualities, then ask your friends. They’ll have no problem sharing all of the reasons why you’re fabulous–and they’ll be upfront with you about what to leave out of your profile, too.

Let Your Pictures Do the Talking

Choosing a variety of photos that represent your fun-loving personality is totally the way to go. Include active shots of doing something you love–like hiking, yoga or surfing–as well as pics of you letting that killer smile shine. One or two flirty selfies are OK as long as the angle and lighting flatter your pretty face. Including a few full-body pictures is a good idea as well. You don’t have to be super dressed up in all of your photos, but you should be wearing clothes that make you look and feel beautiful. Think something along the lines of black dresses and stylish jackets with comfy, cute heels. You know, something guaranteed to send all the right messages (and get you a few new ones in your inbox, too).

Think (and Respond) Outside the Box

When it comes to the whole “what you’re looking for” on a date, we’ve all heard the same cliched “long walks on the beach” type of responses. Instead of giving some aged old line, think of something witty and unique to you that will let your potential suitors know what kind of fun they’re in for. Better yet, leave your ideal date response open for input. Ask your suitors a question to engage a response when they inevitably message you. Building a conversation starter into your profile is a great way to break the ice–something you’ll both appreciate during that initial back and forth.

Keep Your Hobbies Inclusive

It’s OK to tell your future soulmate that you love reading, but it’s not exactly the type of activity that you can spend time on a first date doing together. For every “solo” hobby that you include in your profile, add a social one, too, like hiking, going to concerts or traveling. You want to let your suitors know that you’re ready and willing to enjoy their company and share your favorite experiences with them as well!

Be Honest

No matter what, stay true to yourself. In other words, don’t lie on your profile about anything just to seem cooler. Sure, we all want a cool job or an intense friendship with Jennifer Lawrence, but that doesn’t mean we should pretend to have those things just to gain likes (and dates). Why? Because the truth will ultimately come out. And that will be awkward at the very least. Plus, you’re plenty awesome just the way you are. And you don’t want to be with anyone who thinks otherwise.

Stay Positive

No place for self-deprecating humor here. Your dating profile should be all about positivity and empowerment. Ditch the negativity and keep things light and upbeat. And definitely DO NOT bash your ex. In fact, don’t even mention them. Being negative towards someone else implies that you have baggage and nobody is going to willingly sign up to take that on. At least not anyone you deserve to be with.

Keep Your Profile Updated

OK, we don’t love equating online dating with job interviews, but in a way, your profile is like your resume. You want to highlight all of your best qualities, skills and achievements but you also need to keep it updated. In other words, if you discover a new hobby or have a career pivot, include it on your profile. You also want to make sure you have recent photos on your profile–not ones from your college graduation five years ago. Think of it this way: You are an ever-evolving woman of intrigue, so make sure your engaging dating profile illustrates that. Got it?

Smile for the Camera

While you may want to let them know you do have a serious (and sultry) side, smiling in your profile picture is the way to go. Flashing those pearly whites will undoubtedly gain more attention at first glance and will make you seem more relaxed and open to interested parties.

Be Upfront About What You Want

While you may not be looking to get married anytime soon, you should consider being upfront about what you are looking for in your profile. If you’re not looking for a serious relationship, then you should be honest about that from the beginning. Likewise, if you’re eager to find someone to settle down with, don’t fib and say you’re “open to anything.” Ultimately, you want to attract like-minded individuals who are looking for the same thing you are. And you don’t want to waste your time (or theirs).

Ellen Hollington

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