How To Make Sure Your Car Retains Its Value Over The Years

How To Make Sure Your Car Retains Its Value Over The Years

Did you know that your car starts depreciating the minute you take it out of the lot? That’s why many car owners look for ways to retain the value of their car. After all, buying a car is a big investment. The experts at, an online marketplace that help you sell any car in Dubai, have compiled a list of steps that can be taken to do so easily.


  • Maintain your car’s service history:  To make sure you get the best value when you sell any car in Dubai, it’s important to regularly change the oil, rotate your car’s tires, and get it tuned up. After all, if you were buying a used car, you would expect its previous owner to have done the same. Be sure to create and follow a maintenance calendar to ensure that your car stays in good condition all year round. Keep in mind that the only way for you to prove to the buyer that you have done all this is to present the service records during the selling process. This means that you should keep all the documents related to your car’s service history and bring them along at the time of the sale.


  • Go for extended warranty: It goes without saying that buyers would prefer a used car that is still covered by warranty. That’s why it’s recommended that you should opt for extended warranty when you’re buying the vehicle from the dealer. If you did not remember to get a warranty for your car, you may still have the option to purchase a one-year extended warranty.


  • Keep it well-maintained: No one likes to buy a worn-out car with scratches and dents on its exterior. So, be sure take care of your car to maintain its condition and don’t skimp on car washes. An easy and effective way to protect the interior of your vehicle is to invest in floors mats, covers for both the front and rear seats as well as the steering wheel.


  • Protect your car from the elements: Scorching heat and other extreme weather conditions can make your vehicle’s exterior look worn-out and old. Not only can heat and other weather conditions make the paint of your car dull, but they are also known for causing cracks in the dashboard. To avoid all this, consider parking your used car in a covered garage or invest in a car cover. Doing so will prove to be useful when you decide to sell any car in Dubai.


  • Get your used car in shape before you sell it: Even small defects like minor scratches or dirt can make a bad impression on buyers. You don’t want such small issues to affect the resale value of your car, so get it serviced and cleaned by a professional before you put it out there for sale. Polish your car to get rid of the scratches and re-gas the air conditioner as even these small steps can make a big difference.


Another way to make sure you get the best value when you sell any car in Dubai is to do so through, which features every car with a detailed inspection report and allows you to set the price so that you can sell as quickly as you want. What’s more, you would have many features at your disposal to make your car ad more attractive to buyers.

Ellen Hollington

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