How to make sure you are getting the best quality hair extensions

How to make sure you are getting the best quality hair extensions

When buying extensions, you need to make sure you’re choosing the best quality hair extension and hairstylist who can carry out this procedure painlessly and seamlessly. Sometimes when searching for a hairstylist near you, it can be a time-consuming and lengthy process to find a professional who fits your needs.


Let’s find out how you can ensure you’re getting the best quality extensions and specific locations to visit if you’re living in New York state.

How to choose the best hair extensions?

  • Find the best hair texture – the real goal when choosing hair extensions for you is to make sure it blends with your natural hair. By matching excessively curly hair extensions do not overtake your naturally straight hair texture, you can ensure your naturally straight hair is not overtaken by excessively curly hair extensions. Touch and examine the hair before buying to make sure it can integrate with your hair.
  • Choose the right color – compare the extensions’ color to your natural hair until you find a match in color and tone.
  • Decide on the length – not every length will suit every person’s hair, body, and face shape. If you enjoy shorter hair, don’t buy extremely long extensions and vice versa.
  • Most important – choose your hairstylist wisely. Go to a location that has expertise in hair extensions and applying them to people’s hair. Pay attention to the color and texture of hte hair extensions, making sure they match your real hair and line up correctly after the process is over.

Find the best hair salon in Long Island

So, you are looking for a place to add hair extensions or get a professional haircut in Long Island? Look no further – here are our top choices.

Premier Hair Extensions

Searching for Long Island hair extensions? Look no further – this store has extensions for every occasion, ensuring any custom look can be easily matched with their vast selection of 100% human hair extensions.


With various options like seamless tape-in extensions, invisible halo extensions, or custom clip-in extensions, Premier Hair Extensions is arguably the best hair salon on Long Island.


Hairsay is a luxury salon that tailors its services specifically to each unique client. This salon has earned various awards, such as Goldwell Master Colorists and Titanium Level Salon.


During your first visit at Hairsay, you will meet with the Salon Coordinator, who will introduce you to your stylist. During this visit, you will discuss with your stylist exactly what you want, while the professional will walk you through the entire consultation process to make you feel comfortable with your new haircut.


Some examples of prices for services include:

  • Signature Haircut with Stylist $60
  • Long to Short Hair Change with Stylist $65
  • Precision Haircut with Stylist $60
  • Special Occasion Formal Styling $75-
  • Root Touch Up $60-
  • Balayage Full $250


When choosing the best place for a haircut, new hairstyle, or adding new hair extensions, you need to make sure you are choosing a trustworthy and reliable salon for your needs. If you are in Long Island and looking for a salon for hair extensions – or any hair treatment – visiting Hairsay or Escape Hair Lounge can help you achieve the look of your dreams.

Ellen Hollington

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