How to Make a Headband Wig?

Headband Wig

Nowadays, the headband wig’s popularity is skyrocketing. Everyone is talking about how good it can be when you have a shortage of time. Even you are a beginner wig wearer; you did not find any hassle. Let’s see why wearing a headband is the right choice, and we will also tell you how you can make a headband wig for you at home. So, let’s start.

Why Wear Headband Wig Is Right Choice?

Easy to Use:

Headband wig’s wearing process is so easy people usually say that it’s a grab-and-go wig. You do not need to apply glue or fix lace. Also, you can make a bun or ponytail when wearing a wig. You can show your natural hairline or can hide your hairline and edges.

Good for Beginners:

Beginners are afraid of handling the wig and its right hold on the head. Headband wig has a blended look which is suitable for making half up and half down hairstyle that gives easiness in maintaining. It also has a pre-attached headband that makes the wig more secure to wear.

No Worries About Hairline:

You can style up according to your mood. This affordable wig is considering a quick and convenient protective hairstyle. It is considering a favorite because the pre-attached band will not slip from its place until you loosen the velcro.

Unique Style:

You can have a chunkier headband sometimes or have a plain small headband to give you a new look every day. It makes you look freshly styled every day. On the other hand, with other  wigs, you got the almost same look each day.

No Bad Hair Days:

When you want to twist out, feeling lazy or having bad hair day, headband wig can definitely help you. But choose a headband according to the occasion or the place where you are going.

How Can You Make A Headband Wig at Home?

It is the most anticipated question, and the answer is yes. You just need accurate guidance and things that help you make a headband wig. Keep reading ahead; we are also elaborating steps in easy words to make a headband wig at home by yourself.

What You Need:

  • Headband or wig cap
  • Hair extensions/Old Wigs
  • Scissor
  • Headband
  • Canvas head
  • Wig comb/ wig clips
  • Comb
  • Straight or curved needle
  • T-pins
  • Velcro

Headband Wig

Step About to Make the Headband Wig:

Step 1: Secure the wig cap on the canvas head.

Adjust the canvas head on the stand. Set the wig cap on the canvas head. Secure the wig’s cap on the desired place with t-pins on the canvas head. This process needs to apply t-pins on the wig’s cap band at the front and back.

Step 2: Secure the Headband on the wig’s cap.

Take the headband that is purchased to attached to the wig for making it the headband wig. That headband is in a circular form; cut it in the middle. Now it is in straight form.

Place headband on the wig’s cap while keeping a part of headband slightly above than wig’s band. Secure in that place with t-pins till the estimated part of behind the ears. At this time, you have unsecured headband’s ending parts at the canvas head’s nape of the neck.

We suggest you put the backside of the headband upward where its seam is showing in this process. So that when you wear the wig and opt to fold the attached headband, the seam will not destroy the look.

Step 3: Stitch the Headband to the wig cap.

Now take the curved needle with double thread. Start sewing it from the middle front and sew both sides. Do not sew the unsecured parts that you left at the nape of the neck. Please note that do not sew the headband on the wig’s band; it will be removed. Also, try to stitch closely so that headband will not rip a section.

Step 4: Add the First Track to the wig’s cap.

Take the first track from an old extension and secure it with t-pins on the wig’s lower backside. Use the curved needle having a double thread in it. Put knots in each stitch so that wefts will not leave their place. Maybe the hair got tangled in the process, so use a fine comb on the hair to avoid more tangles in other stitches and go further.

Step 5: Add More Tracks:

As you sew the first track, keep adding more in that way on the back of the canvas head. When you reach above the crown of the canvas head, it starts to form a U-shape. When you are reaching the front of the head, by adding wefts, the U-shape getting smaller. At this time, you will need smaller width wefts to cover the front of the head.

Step 6: Adding combs/clips and velcro.

Now, hair is installed/stitched all over the wig cap, and the headband has been attached.

It’s time to add wig combs/clips inside the wig cap. Install two combs at the front and one at the back. Also, add velcro to the added headband’s two ending sides, which we left at the back of the canvas head.

Step 7: Cut the wig’s Headband.

As all the above process is done, the wig’s cap, not on the wig’s band; even the headband is stitched on the wig cap. It is the right choice to cut the wig’s band because it is very tight to wear.


Headband wig lovers want to make headband wigs at home, so we disclose the steps to make it. But the fact is, steps may sound good to you, but you will feel troublesome.

There may be the chance that the wig will not compete as expected, so that may be the loss of your lots of energy and time.

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Ellen Hollington

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