How to Install a Shower Floor Waste

How to Install a Shower Floor Waste

Before you make your decision on the best shower floor waste, you should consider what you can do yourself. There are many ways to go about installing one of these devices, including using a tileable grate or a Pixie Tile Insert Floor Waste.

Pixi Tile Insert Floor Waste

The Pixi Tile Insert Shower Floor Waste is a stylish drainage device that combines the functionality of a drain with the aesthetics of tile. Its seamless design helps hide the floor waste, creating a flush look that will complement any bathroom. The Pixi Tile Insert shower floor waste is available in four different finishes to complement different tile sizes.

Tile insert floor wastes can be installed in any bathroom. These products are made of stainless steel and feature fine detailing. You can even choose the color and design that best match the rest of your bathroom.

The Pixi Tile Insert Shower Floor Waste comes with a stainless steel center pitch drain, which is perfect for bathrooms with a barrier-free design. This drain uses a linear design, while a traditional center-pitched drain needs four directions of slope in order to fit into a bathroom, so you can match it to any style or color of tile in your bathroom.

Sioux Chief JackRabbit

The Sioux Chief JackRabbit and Shower Floor Waste are the perfect solution for any home remodeling project. Made of PVC, they require a 45mm hole and a thick bead of silicone sealant. Then, install a Sioux Chief JackRabbit and Shower Floor Waste as directed.

The JackRabbit drain is the ideal choice for a replacement application where space is at a premium. It features a stainless steel body, a locking outer locknut, and a high-quality elastomer no-caulk gasket.

The Sioux Chief JackRabbit and Shower Floor Waste are used along with fiberglass shower bases and 1-piece shower products. They are easy to install and come with everything needed for installation. The instructions will walk you through the installation process step by step.

Index Bath

The Index Bath shower floor waste drain is an attractive plumbing fixture that can be installed in any bathroom. This drain has a classical look, which blends with almost any modern bathroom style. It’s simple style makes it the perfect choice for both the decor of the bathroom and the shower experience.

The Index Bath shower floor drain prevents standing water from accumulating and causing hard water deposits. The triangular design keeps standing water away from the flooring and leaves the bathroom floor dry. Its stylish design fits perfectly with a modern style. The perfect bathroom accessory for any home.The Index Bath floor shower waste drain can save you money in the long run.


Tileable Grate

When you want to give your shower a sleek and modern look, you may want to consider a tileable shower floor waste grate. This solid surface grate is designed to be nearly invisible once it is tiled and water drains around the edges. These grates can be installed flat against the wall or along the shower’s edge, depending on your preference.

These drains come with a tile-ready tray that can be removed for easy cleaning. You can also install the grate before pouring the concrete for the shower base. To install the drain, make sure to purchase a shower pan with a channel drain to avoid any problems with leakage.

Center Pitch Drains

A center pitch drain will send water straight down the middle of your shower floor, into a trough. Ideally, you should pitch the floor in all directions, so that it slopes away from the center of the shower. If the floor slopes away from the center, you can choose a linear drain instead of a center pitch drain.

Linear drains are another option that allows you to create a barrier-free shower area. Unlike center pitch drains, linear drains need a wall-to-wall fit. Linear drains also need equal floor heights. Linear drains can be used in both showers and bathtubs. You can choose between a linear and a center-pitched drain for your home.


Pre-sloped Fill

The best way to install a shower floor is to purchase a pre-sloped fill. The slope should be uniform throughout the entire shower base. Shower floor adhesive needs to be waterproof. To prevent the wooden floor from sucking water out of the pre-slope, use a cleavage membrane under the metal lathe.

Use a level to measure the slope. The line should extend at least 2 inches beyond the shower drain. Once the line is level, use a grout float to force the mortar mix into the void below the wall board. Once the mortar is on the wall board, make a second pass with a straightedge. Make sure to smooth out any high spots with the straightedge. This height can vary slightly based on the tile thickness.

The Preformed Curb should be installed with 1/2″ (12mm) medium bed polymer-fortified mortar. Once the adhesive and sealant is set, apply a coat of silicone to the entire shower floor waste channel and the adjacent wall panels. Once this is dry, the shower floor waste pre-sloped fill is ready to install.

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