How to Have the Best Skincare Routine

How to Have the Best Skincare Routine

Teenage and puberty bring a lot of skin problems with them. Going through these phases, a lot of people, especially girls plan a lot about their 4 or 5 step regular skincare routines when they hit puberty. Pimples, acne, pigmentation, dark spots being the biggest issues of concern. Here are a few measures to have the best skincare routine:

Moisturize and Treat Acne:

Search for the best remedies to treat that irritating acne troubling you. Try some home remedies like moisturizing your face with aloe vera, or putting green tea on the acne spots. One of the other ways to treat acne would be prescribed medicines, creams, or ointments if it is unbearable and a lot in number. The rest are the most common and quick ways to cure these pimples, Skin Care Products for Acne-Prone Skin. The best and most feasible products and creams are the way to go. These products not only treat acne but also prevent further growth.

Exfoliate Regularly:

As important as any of the other steps of skincare is, so is exfoliation. Precisely, exfoliation is actually scrubbing. Dead skin, dust, and dirt in the open pores of your skin require regular removal and have to be taken care of. Scrubbing is the best way proven to treat these issues and hence, is very necessary. One should always take care of the products being used for this process as harsh chemicals and unsuitable ingredients can harm one’s skin leading to rashes and other such conditions.


Applying toner always goes before the serum and treatment step. Apply a toner like rosewater the first thing in the morning for regular use and search for good toners for between your skincare routine.


Now cleansing your make-up is the biggest and most important measure in our skincare routine. Having make-up all day with all those chemicals, colors and everything has to be removed at the end of the day positively. Choosing the best cleanser is very crucial too. It is advisable to choose an oil-based cleanser or probably an oil-based face wash. Mostly, for a quick make-up removal session after a tiring day, one searches for a product that gives a quick response. Though, it is important to take care of the ingredients involved in the product.

Eye Creams:

Home remedies like crushed potato or cucumber on a regular basis are very helpful for nutrition and getting rid of dark circles. However, the skin around our eyes has to be treated very carefully and with the best possible quality products. One can search for good and affordable serums, eye creams and start by patting the area around the eyes with a cotton pad on serum on it, followed by the overnight eye cream.

Lip Care:

Chapped lips, biggest issues of our lifetime! A lot of us are always stressed about our chapped lips. To prevent the issue of chapped lips, one should always stay hydrated, keep sipping water all day. Another solution is exfoliation, followed by moisturization. One preventive measure other than hydration is applying lip balm. Search for your favorite lip balm and keep applying it.

Ellen Hollington

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