How To Get The Right Fit For Adhesive Bras

How To Get The Right Fit For Adhesive Bras

Getting the right fit is critical when it comes to lingerie products, be it an adhesive bra or one that has straps fitted to it. Lingerie products come in direct contact with the user’s body; hence, once you have worn a bra, you cannot return it. So, you must get the size right so that you do not have to waste your money and time. If you are very sure of your bust size, you might as well get an adhesive bra wholesale in bulk quantities.

How To Get The Size Right

If you are buying an adhesive bra for the first time, you may be confused about the right cup size for you. If you are a first-time buyer, then this blog post will help you decide the right bra size for an adhesive bra.

Understand The Standard Size Charts

When you buy a piece of lingerie, it is obvious that you will have to look at the size charts. However, the way different bust sizes are depicted may create some confusion depending on the country that you belong to. So, a standard bust size of thirty-two will be designed as AA by UK size charts.

However, in Australia, the thirty-two does not exist; there, the bust sizes are measured in the range of six to twenty-two. On the other hand, if you are looking for the stand sizes that are prevalent in the EU, you will get a range of sixty to a hundred. So, depending on your location and the headquarters of the company that you are buying from, you need to know the right size that will fit you well.

Measure The Bust Size

Use a simple measuring tape market in inches or centimeters and measure the bust size and your rib cage. To measure the rib cage, place the measuring tape under your breast and take the measurement. If you cannot get the perfect measurement all by yourself, it is better to ask a friend for help.

When it comes to the bust size, place the measuring tape on the widest part of your breast. Once you get both the figures for your bust and rib cage, you can get the cup size. So, for example, if your bust size is thirty-seven and the rib cage size is thirty-one, then the cup size should be thirty-one plus three, that is thirty-four.

Trying To Check The Fit

You cannot try on a stick-on bra, but you can always place the cups around your bust to check if they fit without disrupting the packaging. Although this method may not be very accurate, it gives you a rough estimate of the cup size.

Final Words

Getting the bra size right is essential for comfort as well as fit. In the case of adhesive bras, you do not have a hook-like system, so there is no way to adjust the size, and not getting the cup size right can be disastrous. So, it is best to understand how different countries standardize the sizes and get an idea of the cup size (using a measuring tape) before you make a purchase.

Ellen Hollington

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