How to Get Out of Your Funk

Get Out of Your Funk

We’ve all been there. Being in a funk is common because nothing in life is in a constant upward slope or perpetual climb. Things go up and things go down. That’s true for equities, prices, temperature, and even human demeanor. And so you’re in a funk. Big deal. It’s not the end of the world, despite how much you may think it is. Everyone goes into funks and everyone comes out of them. And that is what this article will help you do. Starting by highlighting the difference between fixed vs growth mindset. The previous is a mindset that most people fall victim to because it falls right within their comfort zone. As for growth mindset, it is the state of mind that people adopt when they know something is wrong, and find every possible way to solve it. Despite what you may think, getting out of your funk isn’t all that difficult. It just needs some proper, and pivotal, steps.

Pour Yourself Into Being Creative

Often times your funk has stemmed from your suppression of something else. This can be an idea, feeling, or emotion, that you have not come around to confront and express. This is why getting out of your funk starts by getting into something else, and that is your creative state of mind. Find a blank canvas somewhere and invest your innermost thoughts and emotions into it. Get an empty notebook and write whatever thoughts come to mind. Pick up an instrument and make unruly noises from it. Express yourself however you see fit and try to be creative in the process. That creativity will be the outlet for your bad mood or depression.

Put on Your Favorite Music

Don’t underestimate the power of music because music does hold power. It not only holds the power to move you and make you dance but it also can uplift your mood and demeanor. Make a playlist perfect for when you know you’ll be feeling down and you know you can come back to it whenever you want. Whenever you are in a bad mood, just hit shuffle on that playlist and let your mind wander. Try to enjoy yourself and occupy your mind with things other than what’s been keeping you down lately. Trust in music to be the powerful mood-shifting entity that it is and all will go well.

Get Out of the House

So you’re in a funk and you don’t feel like seeing anyone. That’s not an issue. There are a lot of things you can do on your own. Head to a local coffee shop with a book or a laptop and just zone out to yourself. Or, go for a walk in the park and take some pictures that will make you feel good, and probably post them on social media later. You can also visit a ton of places like museums, bookstores, antique stores, or whatever cool thing that will occupy your mind and uplift your spirits. Don’t be afraid to just venture out and walk around. Get lost in your city and take in the architecture and city noises. Often times it is the most unexpected bustling noises that bring us peace of mind.

Call Up Friends or Family

Maybe being alone isn’t what you need, and what you need is being around people that you care about and they care about you. If that’s the case then call up a friend or family member and set up a get-together. There is no better way to occupy your mind with something else than by having someone else occupy it for you.

Ellen Hollington

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