How To Encourage Your Team To Work Better Together


Teamwork is important in any environment, whether you are a manager or a coach, but good teams don’t just happen overnight. People often need support and encouragement to build an effective team, so here are some ways you can get people to work better together.

Don’t pit people against each other

A bit of healthy competition during training or the average workday is good to keep people motivated. But if you pit people against each other, don’t be surprised if the team is then fractured. A team works best when all members are encouraged and support each other, not just try to get to the top.

Understand the different types of people in your team

Most people fall into one of five categories within any team:

  1. Influencers
  2. Creatives
  3. Productive people
  4. Motivators/leaders
  5. Problem solvers

A good team makes the most of everyone’s skills, and as a manager or coach, it’s your job to find the right role or position according to what suits each person. You can’t have a football team made up just of strikers, neither can you have a team that’s just one type of person, so get to know peoples’ work styles and personalities.

Choose a team uniform

Whether you work in an office or are out on a pitch, a uniform shows a united front and makes people instantly feel like part of a team. You can find a selection of sports uniforms at and can customise items with your logo or team name, which can help bring you all together.

Address issues quickly

A team can soon become difficult to manage if there are interpersonal issues, so never ignore problems that arise within your team. Encourage mediation and sit people down together to discuss any issues, working out compromises when there are problems.

Do fun stuff together

You don’t want your team to feel like it’s all work and no play, so doing some fun stuff together can make them more effective as a team. This is because it encourages people to talk and network and gives them some memories that bring them together. Even a team meal or an away day can make a big difference to how people see each other.

Have a regular team meeting

While you may sigh at the thought of having another weekly meeting to attend, sitting down together can be a good way to discuss strategy and ensure everyone is working towards the same goal. You can include:

  • A quick overview of stats and performance
  • What everyone is currently working on
  • A rundown of upcoming challenges and projects
  • Announcements about what’s going on in the team

These meetings don’t have to be long and boring. Keep them short and take it in turns to bring in treats to make them more bearable.

Some teams fit together effortlessly, while others take more work, but whatever kind of team you are trying to build, a few simple gestures can help everyone work together better and increase productivity.

Ellen Hollington

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