How to Do a Creative Flower Wall for Your Wedding

How to Do a Creative Flower Wall for Your Wedding

The floral wall is one of the most spectacular pieces of art you can create for your wedding. A whole wall of flowers can help make a focal point at your wedding. The best part is that you can create your flower wall anywhere. You can create a flower wall backdrop for your vow exchange, at the reception behind a delicious spread of desserts or as an escort-card display, or any other place you like to draw attention. It’s crucial to note that your flower wall can serve double duty if the reception and the ceremony are held at the same venue.

To begin with, you need to tell your florist to use a towering flower wall that will act as a backdrop for your ceremony. You can also use the flower wall as a selfie station and photo booth backdrop. This article will explore how to do a flower wall for your wedding.

Ceremony Backdrop White Flowers and Greenery

A wedding looks colorful when white colors are involved. That’s why it will be an excellent flower wall combining white and greenery plus some palm trees, especially if you do your wedding somewhere tropical. Greenery can indicate the beginning of a new adventure that will hopefully be successful. When choosing this color, you can look for your meaning that can help describe this moment.

White flower Installation for the Reception Lounge

One way to make your wedding memorable and a great photoshoot spot is to create an oasis-like corner at your reception lounge area and have your florist encircle decor the chairs with flowers that wind up along the closest wall. This is often a unique way to make the place look fantastic and multifunctional.

Flowers Accented Welcome Sign

Be creative when on a budget. You can create a welcome sign and let your florist color block flowers around it to draw attention and make guests feel welcome.

Greenery Wall with Hanging Flowers

There are numerous ways of creating a flower wall. You can incorporate a greenery base and hanging flowers in all tonal colors to make it unique. You can place it in a tent with a chandelier and ensure they blend well with the wedding theme.

Ombre Flower Wall

There is something that you have always inspired your wedding to have. If you choose a traditional theme, consider creating a flower wall with an ombre effect since it’s always stunning for photos.

Floral Arch Garland

When planning to make your wedding unforgettable, you consider the floral arch garland that is incredible for a special occasion. You can convert this place into a photo section where you and your guests can make memories.

Asymmetrical Greenery Arch

The asymmetrical greenery arch is excellent for all types of weather. Incorporating creeping greenery into your wedding can make the place unique and great for making memories and taking photos.

End Note

The above are incredible ideas for making a flower arch for a wedding. Always consult your florist about the best type of flower to incorporate on your flower wall. Always choose colors that complement well with your theme.

Ellen Hollington

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