How Did The Revolution Of Signature African Art London Started?

In Lagos Nigeria, our story started back in 1992. Our deep love and passion for art have led us to become collectors and so we have decided to invest in trade and also offer new artists mentoring sessions in Signature African Art London.

African Art London

Over the course of the years, we have been able to establish a friendship with leading artists in Afrique, including El-Anatsui, Ablade Glover and Bruce Onobrakpeya.

Our family has determined that now is the time to take a look out for new art and sculptures outside of Africa and has chosen London as our first overseas destination.

How Did  Signature African Art London Change Giggs Kgonamotse Kgole” Life Forever?

He received a Prestigious Presidential Baccalaureate in Rome in 2017, a year after Kgole’s first solo exhibition, at John Cabot University, where the first solo showcase in Europe was entitled ‘Before the High Walls.’ Kgole ‘s latest feet were numbered in 2018 when he was 21 as he became one of the youngest African gallery managers. South Africa’s GasLamp Gallery in Johannesburg was a space for artists who needed a chance to tell their stories at their gallery in the shopping arts center.

In 2019, in a residency curated by Undiscovered Canvas, Kgole spent six months in France. Kgole has also won People’s Choice awards for his work, “God Ke Mama,” which was the catalog cover for the ten year anniversary Young Master’s Art Prize in London. Kgole was named the Mail and Guardian’s Top 200 of South African young people. Signature African Art London Avid of living and encouraging many, Kgole always takes huge leaps and loves the world of creativity – one masterpiece at a time.

In the year 2019, in a residence arranged by Undiscovered Canvas, Kgole spent 6 months in France. Kgole has won the People’s Elect Prize for his masterpiece “God Ke Mama.” The title is the catalog cover of the Young Masters Art Prize for the 10th anniversary in London, Kgole was named the Top 200 young South Africans by mail and Guardian. Avid for life, encouraging many and labeling its name in literature, Kgole is now making significant strides and taking on the world of fashion, one masterpiece at a time.

Purpose Behind Signature African Art London

About one thousand ethnic communities inhabit the large continent of Africa, with its vastly different topography, atmosphere and natural resources. People from many of Africa’s ethnic ,and linguistic families create beautiful items that link man with nature, ensuring the continuity of traditions and values over many generations.

The objects that we call Signature African Art have been created for different purposes from the arts of Europe and North Africa. Although African artists generally work in religious and social constructions, which determine form and material, while their esthetics are changing.


The core of African art is human figures, animal imagery, and geometrical patterns. The African art, in fact, is not a purposeful art but a cultural thing. It seeks to inform the public and make things easy for the citizens and the spiritual powers that control their life to communicate.

Ellen Hollington

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