How Can A Compact Hairbrush Detangle My Hair?

Hairbrush Detangle My Hair

You may look at a compact hairbrush and think it wouldn’t do your hair any good. It’s just too small, right?

What If Size Didn’t Matter?

It comes down to the bristles. Compact or not, a brush that doesn’t break your hair is one you need among your beauty supplies. A small brush that you can stick in your purse and use when you’re out and about is a necessity if you want beautiful hair that doesn’t tangle and always has a beautiful shine.

How You Brush Your Hair Matters

What If It Wasn’t The Brush You Choose, But The Way You Brush Your Hair?

Of course, you need a brush with sturdy bristles, but even the best brush with the strongest bristles won’t do you any good if you don’t use it right.

Avoid breaking your hair by starting at the ends (the bottom of your hair). Brush just a few inch area, removing the tangles from the bottom of your hair – the most common area to get tangled, especially when you’re outside.

Once you remove the tangles from the bottom few inches, slowly work your way up through your hair, moving up a few more inches and brushing all the way through. Keep doing this until you’ve completely detangled your hair.

What Would Happen If You Started At The Top?

First, it would HURT. Tangles aren’t fun. Second, it would break your hair. When you aren’t careful and just push your way through the tangles, it breaks your hair, making it weak and causing it to lose its shine.

The Other Benefits Of A Detangling Brush

Besides the obvious – removing tangles, a compact hairbrush that detangles offers the following benefits:

  • It massages the scalp – Blood circulation is crucial to hair growth, which is why the more you brush your hair, the more it grows. Keeping a travel brush on hand makes it easier to brush your hair more often, helping it grow faster and longer.
  • Removes dead hair – Everyone loses at least 100 hairs a day. While this may seem scary, it’s normal, so don’t worry. Brushing your hair removes the dead hair, making room for more shiny hair. As an added benefit, brushing your hair helps more hair growth to replace the dead hair.
  • Makes your hair shiny – If you’ve ever looked at your hair though it looks so dull, it could be due to the dead hair lying around. Keeping a travel compact brush in your purse ensures you’ll brush your hair more often, giving it that luxurious shine.

Keep A Compact Brush On Hand

The best way to ensure healthy hair is to always have a compact brush on hand. When you have a cute brush that you can’t help but take out and show off, you’re more likely to take care of your hair the way it needs it.

Too often we get so caught up in the busyness of life that we forget to take care of ourselves. At the end of the day when we finally make it to a mirror, we can’t believe what’s staring back at us.

Don’t let that happen to you!

Keeping a travel hairbrush with an included mirror on hand ensures that you’ll always know what you look like and know what your hair needs. Even if you don’t have long hair, brushing your hair at least a few times a day keeps your hair healthy.

Add A Compact Hairbrush To Your Purse Today

Don’t leave home without a travel hairbrush. Make sure it’s one that’s protected so you aren’t brushing your hair with dirt and debris or damaged bristles. Of course, you get bonus points if it’s cute and everyone oohs and aahs over your choice in beauty products.

Take care of your hair every day and it will reward you with long, beautiful locks that look amazing whether you’re inside, outside, or running around all day long.

Ellen Hollington

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