Handmade Copper Jewelry – An Assortment of Beautiful Gems

Handmade Copper Jewelry – An Assortment of Beautiful Gems

The Timeless Handmade Jewelry

Copper jewelry has been worn for centuries, to some part for overall health reasons, since some believe it improves blood circulation and alleviates arthritis symptoms. While those claims have yet to be scientifically proven, copper has been found to have antibacterial properties (helping to ward off microbes as well as illness). Still, it is more likely that the continued use of handmade copper jewelry is due to its unique brilliance and color rather than its germ-fighting abilities.

Copper jewelry is popular among individuals who prefer an earthy, ethnic aesthetic, but it is also increasingly appearing in the collections of high-quality jewelry producers. Due to its lovely pinkish tone when copper is in its most basic form, it gives a very economical alternative to popular higher-priced rose gold. Along with silver’s cooler tones, copper’s warmth produces a pleasing contrast.


Numerous artisans enjoy working with this metal because of its hardness and adaptability. Unprotected copper may develop into a warm brown tone over time due to oxidation, which often improves the appearance of jewelry pieces. Furthermore, untreated copper develops a bluish-green patina when exposed to the environment, which is highly prized by those who value a distinctive appearance. The inherent discoloration of copper is used by gifted jewelry designers to produce unique and trendy patterns and designs. Copper Reflections is an excellent source for wholesale handcrafted Copper jewelry for gift shops and trading posts. Our handcrafted jewelry business is dedicated to producing the highest quality jewelry.

In addition to its wide-ranging collection of copper jewelry, Copper Reflections uses a particular procedure to create an exclusive mottled patina in varied tones of green, blue, brown, and black in other pieces. All of these pieces are also protected with a protective lacquer that prevents corrosion and prevents the jewelry from staining the skin.


Wearing Copper Jewelry For Fun and Good Health

Copper has been used for its health advantages for generations. Although there are no recent studies to back up the hypothesis, many people claim that wearing copper relieves a variety of ailments and, more importantly, that it improves their overall health. It was utilized by the ancient Egyptians to cleanse water and heal a range of ailments. Copper is now woven into clothes to inhibit the spread of bacteria, which is one of its modern applications.

Copper earrings, bracelets, and necklaces have been used to treat skin ailments, soothe sore throats, and reduce arthritis pain. The copper can be worn plain or magnetized in modern copper jewelry, but this does not change the fact that it provides health benefits.

Copper Earrings Make You Look and Feel Great

Copper has long been preferred by many ancient societies due to its ease of manipulation into a variety of shapes. Early copper jewelry can be found in abundance in Eastern Europe, Egypt, and Iran. Copper, in its native state, was most likely the first metal used by humans. Copper was linked to the goddess Aphrodite/Venus in mythology and alchemy because of its beautiful appearance and ancient use in the manufacture of mirrors. Copper gets its name from the Latin as Cyprus, which means “metal of Cyprus,” and was then abbreviated to cyprium, which was then corrupted to cuprum.


Copper earrings come in a variety of styles to pick from. Handmade items are the finest method to distinguish out because they are unique in design and quality. Because copper can be shaped into so many different shapes, you can get earrings in all different styles. The most eye-catching earrings are constructed with repeating patterns, with the odd splash of color adding vitality to an otherwise excellent pair of earrings. Because copper is so malleable, it may be shaped into a variety of patterns over decades, with each new design looking better than the last, resulting in beautiful handmade copper earrings. We put our hearts and souls into creating high quality, one-of-a-kind jewelry that will make you smile every time you put it on.

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