Great Alternatives To A Traditional Diamond Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring should be unique and one of a kind. Many couples today are turning to alternatives to diamonds to make their engagement rings just that, unique and one of a kind. Here are some great ways to go alternative for your engagement ring.

White Sapphire

White sapphires look very similar to diamonds except that they tend to have a bluish tone to them in certain light. They’re durable and at first glance, no one will know the difference except perhaps the jeweler himself.

White Topaz

Again, very similar in appearance to diamonds, the white topaz is a lovely alternative and will look great in any setting. Whether you choose white, yellow, or rose gold, this stone will look lovely and few will know the difference. Topaz is also available in blue, red, orange, green and pink.

Blue Sapphire

Sapphires come in several different colors. What makes this stone unique is that many famous women, including Princess Diana, wore a blue sapphire engagement ring from Elizabeth Diamond Company Jewelry store. It’s different, stands out from the crowd and is an ideal option.


If her birthday is in the month of May, her favorite color is green, or if the wedding is in May, this may be an ideal selection. Emeralds are lovely and can be found in both lab created and real versions. Either will look lovely in a setting for a wedding ring.


This stone is a pinkish color and very popular right now for engagement rings. Learn all you can before you go shopping and remember that the larger the stone, the higher the cost. They’re still affordable and will look lovely in nearly any setting.


Garnets are often a deep red hue or a pink-red hue. Many people consider garnets to be antique in and of themselves, so they lend themselves well to antique looking settings. If you’re considering using an antique ring for your engagement ring you may wish to consider this as an option.


Rubies, like garnets, are available in a variety of red shades. Like their siblings, emeralds, and sapphires, they are considered to be one of the four most precious stones on the planet. This makes them an ideal choice for a unique one of a kind engagement ring.


Black engagement rings are all the vogue these days. Onyx is a lovely choice and will be durable. If you’re seeking something affordable, timeless and chic, this may be the one to choose. They also pair lovely with other stones and you can often use smaller diamonds as side accents on an onyx ring without overpowering the ring.


Opals have a unique way of changing color with the light. As they age they will often begin to tarnish, however, if you’re only going to wear the ring for special occasions opals are lovely. Choose a stone that gives off a lovely luster in different lighting settings.


Similar in size to opals, pearls also tend to change in the different types of light. Consider smaller diamond accents on the size of a larger sized pearl or go with another gemstone on the sides to enhance it.


Tanzanite was discovered in the 60s and it’s estimated that within 30 years there won’t be any more left. This makes them an ideal option for a unique, one of a kind engagement ring. Choose from a variety of blue to purple shades and rest assured that no two stones are the same.


Another lovely green stone, this too was discovered in the 60s. While there are more of this stone available than that of the tanzanite, they are still lovely and will lend themselves well to a unique engagement ring that no one else is likely to have.


This lovely purple stone comes in a variety of purple shades. From very faint purple to a deep luxurious shade of purple, they are often a favorite. If her favorite color is purple or if you’re seeking a different type of ring, this may be a great option to consider for an alternative to a diamond.


Although tourmaline comes in a variety of colors, the green shade is becoming quite popular for engagement rings. A bit cloudier than emeralds, this ring lends itself well to bohemian looks so if she’s a bit unique and likes the boho look, this ring may be the one. It also looks great with other stones as side accents.


This ring is a shade of blue that also has some lovely gold colored flecks in it. It’s very affordable in that you can find a one-carat lapis ring from $1 to $150. Opt for the deeper colored stones for a more rich and in-depth look. It also pairs well with other stones and looks lovely.


When first discovered the moissanite was thought to be a diamond. However, it’s a great look-alike that comes at a fraction of the cost. It’s as hardy as a diamond and looks lovely in a setting that would normally have a diamond in it. Affordable and nearly undetectable that it’s not a diamond, she’ll love it.


This stone is a peachy pink tone and looks lovely as an engagement ring. More and more brides are turning to subtle changes in their choices for engagement rings and with good reason, the alternative stones are affordable and more unique.

Cubic Zirconium

White zircon is also a favorite for an alternative engagement ring. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for and you want this ring to look lovely for many years to come. Avoid getting it wet too often and harsh detergents to keep it looking new. CZ or cubic zirconium often clouds if it’s been exposed to harsh chemicals or too many hand washings.

These great alternatives to traditional diamond engagement rings are all ideal. They’re affordable and truth be known, it’s no one else’s business what you select as an engagement ring stone. Stay in your budget and opt for an affordable alternative to a diamond engagement ring.

Ellen Hollington

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