GogoPDF: Excel to PDF Conversion Made Easy

GogoPDF: Excel to PDF Conversion Made Easy

We all know for a fact that Portable Document Files or PDFs are one of the most popular file formats in today’s world, known for its universal compatibility, encryption, and it occupies lesser storage space, among others. So, it is only reasonable that we know one way of converting our files to and from a PDF file, right?

Whenever you search for a platform where you can convert your files on Google, it will give you so many platforms to choose from, making it quite a tedious job to choose which one to use. To make things easier for all of you, we will give you one of the most reliable, convenient, and quickest ways of converting your files. In this article, we will give you an introduction to GogoPDF and some of its amazing features.


GogoPDF is perhaps the best platform you will ever find where you can convert any file format you want, including Excel to PDF, JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF, HTML to PDF, PPT to PDF, Word to PDF, and vice versa. It is proven and tested that it is the most convenient way since it offers many features that you will surely love. Whatever PDF or file-related need you may have, we guarantee that GogoPDF is the answer.

It isn’t only a file converter, but it also offers other ways to manage and edit your files, including tools like PDF compress, repair, split, protect, merge, add watermark, and many more. It surely checks off everything on your list, making it a one-stop shop for all your file-related needs to complete and finish your tasks.

Files are Secure

It goes without saying that whenever you upload files on the internet, one can’t help but be wary of cybercriminals or hackers who wait for the perfect opportunity to steal personal or sensitive information. GogoPDF is well aware of that and has integrated the best security measure to prevent anyone from stealing information about you.

The platform comes with a Secured Socket Layer or SSL encryption that ensures your files’ safety and security whenever you transmit them online. According to their privacy policy, the platform isn’t permitted to store any user information, including their passcodes, security codes, credit card information, and even your files. They also can’t store any files you have uploaded into their system as it will automatically remove any file after an hour of uploading.

One might even insist that using your browser’s incognito mode is enough security measure to prevent anyone from accessing your files. Well, to tell you honestly, it does little to nothing when it comes to security, and it doesn’t even conceal your IP address. It only hides you from yourself, won’t save your browsing history, site data, and cookies. So, it’s better to use a platform that can guarantee a high security and safety level.

Device Compatibility

It’s a fact that not everyone has the same type of device. You can be an Android user, iPhone, or ultimately you just don’t own a smartphone but only have a personal computer. With GogoPDF, we can guarantee that with any device, regardless if it is iPhone, Android, PC, laptop, or tablet, you won’t encounter any compatibility issues whenever you access their tools and services.

There’s no need for you to loan someone else’s device just to access the platform. Just turn your devices on, access their website, and choose which tool you want to complete your tasks. It’s easy as that, and GogoPDF will work its magic on your files.

Customer Service

Not all platforms you find on the internet offer responsive customer service, and we know that really sucks, right? However, when you experience some technical problems with GogoPDF, we guarantee that you will be aided by their customer service representatives that will ultimately make things easier. This feature will not only shorten our time on their platform, but it can also help new users easily navigate their way through the platform, making this feature one of the best on our list.

As the platform’s goal is to give you a much better service whenever you use their tools, they are more than happy to accept any comment, feedback, or thoughts you may have to improve the platform.

Sometimes Excel files can be quite overwhelming. So learn how to convert Excel  to PDF to make your files easier to save, share, and understand.

Quick and Easy Excel to PDF Conversion

GogoPDF prides itself on its four-step conversion process. Yes, you read that right. You only need to do four easy-to-understand and simple steps to completely convert your Excel files to high-quality PDF files. The best part of it? It only takes two minutes of your time to complete these steps.


GogoPDF isn’t only convenient to use, but it also has the power to give you the best services you wish for. On top of all that, each file you convert will be converted into high-quality files in just a matter of seconds.

Ellen Hollington

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