General Phenomena Fashion Industry Facing Different Effects

General Phenomena Fashion Industry Facing Different Effects

Fashion influences women of all ages since females are more enthused about the latest fashions than men. For females, fashion is an expression of your individuality by displaying the different styles you have. The fashion of a woman should be distinctive in each person, but due to media influence, fashion has become an unifying factor that people copy to be like those who are “supermodels”. Fashion has negative and positive effects on females. We will first identify the negative consequences of fashion and then we will reinforce it with positive results.

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Negative Side Effects Of Fashion


Your identity is influenced by the fashion you choose to wear because you are prone to be a follower of what’s popular in the world of fashion. Fashion industry has created stereotypes of supermodels that are thought to be attractive due to their slim body. The majority of women worked hard to attain the supermodel physique due to their perception of being beautiful. They believe that a bit of meat is fat, and being fat is not attractive.

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Financial Deficit

The stereotypical approach is the one that’s being used in the world of fashion. It is commonplace to purchase designer clothes which are expensive, and you often spend more than what you earn in order to keep fashionable. design, and then you’re being broke, or even in debt.

The Positive Effects That Fashion (Re-Enforcement Of Negative Consequences)

In contrast to negative impact, fashion can help you be innovative and unique by incorporating fashions that match your lifestyle and personality. It’s about being aware of how fashion can affect positively. It is also a matter for your own choice if you’ll adhere to what the media calls gorgeous. Fashion is all about your individual style, is not about looking as supermodels. You can look beautiful with your curves if you are content inside. Beauty comes from within. Avenue to save. With an array of designs, your clothes is sure to stay in fashion. Mix and match, or add some accessories and your classic clothes will be transformed into an item that is trendy and modern. You do not have to spend more money to purchase brand name clothing that is expensive to appear “in” with fashion. It’s all about creativity with a few with the advice of experts. Then you can create an individual fashion statement with your own personal style.

Be Confident

It is not an issue if you feel confident in your appearance. Fashion does not have to be only about designer clothing. Many brands provide high quality and beautiful designs, rather than costly designer clothing. If you’re confident about your personal style, you’ll receive the respect you deserve and peer pressure won’t be a problem. According to the top designers, the fashion of style isn’t the fashion you see on television or in magazines. It’s the creativity you show by transforming a basic shirt into a stunning blouse that sets trends in the fashion industry. Let your worries go and do not be afraid to be awe-inspiring yourself.

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