Furniture Inspiration For 2020

Furniture Inspiration

With the countless number of furniture styles and trends to follow when you looking to revamp your home, it can be difficult to decide what goes together. If you’re looking for matching styles that add new life to the home, here is some inspiration for 2020s most popular styles.


Contemporary furniture is essentially the ‘here and now’ styles, innovation and different from previous styles. Currently, the style consists of simplicity, square leather styles that work in most rooms. White is currently on display in most showrooms help to brighten up the room and help open it out. the sleek white leather designs are ideal for anyone wanting a minimalistic design with a designer furniture edge.

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Making old and new design meet in perfect harmony transitional furniture is a unique style that takes the best styles from traditional designs and modernises them. Commonly you’ll see the furniture feature a mix of wood or glossy finished and either a curved or straight figure. Some might call it a retro style, but you can imagine this to be the type of furniture that looks traditional but includes reclining feature and more fabrics.

Mid Century Modern

Beautifully striking furniture that adds authenticity to any living space. If your ideal living room includes styles from 1935 up to 1965, then mid-century modern is something to look out for. You’ll be looking for minimalistic designs that include a lot of natural woods such as oak, pine, walnut and maple. The dark woods show off the effect more so and match with some retro designs cushion will give nostalgia each time you enter the room.

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Furniture that will make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale. It’s a vintage style that takes inspiration from the 1800s with classical looking luxury dining tables, sofa’s chairs and bed frames. If you want to add an extra flair to a room, look out for pieces with bun and claw feet, Queen Anne backs and curved lines. Most will be finish with similarly inspired woods, darker rich shades to show authenticity. If you’re looking for fabrics to complement it, silks, frills and extensive detail tend to go into the classical styles, floral prints are the perfect example of what you should be looking for.

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