There are enough rules in life. But some can help. Like the rules that determine how to dress well. Of course, every woman who has an opinion on this issue speaks from personal experience. Of course, what works for one person does not always work for another. So when it comes to clothes, you should always take them at face value. This is not a final word on style, but an attractive suggestion.

So, good advice should never sniff that’s why there are some important rules set up by me. These “rules” are usually rooted in history. It’s worked for generations, so it’s safe to assume it still works today.

Obviously, there are numerous different guidelines other than the ones introduced here. You might have effectively found some of them. After all, it’s part of the fun of dressing up where no rules should interfere. Try a new set, see if it suits you, and how you feel. However, these rules which are set up by me have stood the test of time and together serve as reliable guidelines for how to dress well today.

1. Understanding the color wheel:

It may seem a bit unnecessary, but it’s a game changer and offers a new perspective on color matching, so I’m glad you looked it up. Remember that your clothes cannot exceed 3 colors at a time.

two women in teal romper pants

1.  Don’t be overexposed:

Elegant dressings need a little understatement. There is no crop top and you can see cleavage and miniskirts. The neckline is usually a collar, boat neckline, round neckline or V-neckline. For changes, you can also try square, hooded, and round necklines. For more formal occasions, the asymmetric, heart-shaped and halter neckline is also great. Anyway, cover your cleavage and navel. In addition, blouses and dress armholes should not expose the bra.

As mentioned earlier, the hem length of everyday skirts and dresses should be just above or below the knees, a bit short for summer events and classic formal wear, and full length.

This is an example of the classic and professional outfit I wear at professional events and offices. And that’s the very elegant and classic outfit I wore for the black tie event. These two outfits are examples of how to look stylish and sexy without showing too much skin.

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1. Decorate your closet:

large closet has no advantages. In fact, it’s not practical to have a lot of clothes in your closet.

You have to keep your closet tidy. Don’t fill your closet with lots of clothes. Think it will give you good variety. It doesn’t take much time to have a perfectly fashionable and stylish outfit. You may be surprised to learn how few jeans, plain shirts, skirts, or undergarments you really need in your everyday wardrobe. What’s more, buying in small quantities gives you the best quality for your budget.

You should also periodically clean your wardrobe for items that appear to have faded, no longer fit, or simply no longer worn. Throw away these items and keep your closet cluttered.

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1. Classic fabrics:

Classic, timeless clothing made from materials that will last for the next 10 years will be a must-add to your wardrobe essentials. Think about cottonwool, linen and silk. These four basic fabrics will stand the test of time with proper care. Stylish, ironed items made from this fabric tend to create a stylish look on their own.

This fabric also has a variant that allows you to expand your wardrobe. Denim is an example of a cotton fabric that fits into every style line, from street wear to bohemian to minimalism. Likewise, cotton chinos are perfect for trousers, jackets, and even motorcycle jackets (it’s great for street style!). We also have cashmere wool that feels good against the skin and doesn’t shed with age. Whether it’s a cardigan, cutout or crew neck pullover, cashmere sweaters go perfectly with denim jeans as well as custom-made trousers and skirts.

pink blue green textile

1. Look effortless, not bother less:

With great style comes great responsibility. Women should not appear to spend hours in front of a mirror carefully adjusting their attire. It looks much more efficient as if you just pulled quality clothes out of the closet. You don’t try to look great, you want to look perfect.

That doesn’t mean you have to look like you don’t care. Your clothes should still look good on you and be combined in a way that pleases the eye. And not just your clothes. Accessories such as hair, shoes, dress, makeup, glasses, and wristwatches should all create a casual yet stylish look.

woman in red and white floral crop top and white denim shorts

1. Impulse buying – stop it:

Selling should not be a reason to buy. I mean, never, but not always (common for most people). If you’re waiting for a certain item to go on sale, you should definitely grab it, but if it’s a casual dress you just want to have on sale, ask yourself if you’re willing to buy it if it’s not on sale. Here’s the answer.


1. Try something new:

As your sense of style develops, you want to open your mind to new types of clothing and clothing styles. You should be comfortable wearing clothes you’ve never worn before. Try chinos instead of jeans and a leather jacket instead of sweaters.

You will be amazed at how glamorous you can look in items previously considered “not you”. Whether its casual wear or party outfits, you must learn to challenge yourself.

woman in white spaghetti strap dress wearing brown sun hat standing on the street during daytime

1. Always accessories :

Make sure you wear at least one accessory, whether it’s a great pair of statement necklaces, pop collar bags, or earrings (or all of the above). A solid statement piece can turn an ensemble into an outstanding ensemble in seconds.