Five Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Japan.


Japan is a country situated in the Northern Asia-Pacific region, which has a diversified climate all over the country. It is one of the superpowers of the world with great economics and politics and consists of a population above 127 million, resulting in many of its cities being densely populated.

Japan is a great country known for its excellent infrastructure and planning. Its large population contributes to the complex and rich culture, and it has an exquisite and unique culture, art, and language. The city of Tokyo which is the capital of Japan is one of the most fascinating places on earth where most of the world’s elite own properties. Therefore, it is one of the wealthiest cities in the world with some great places to visit.

This article will list the five most expensive places to invest in and buy a property in Japan.


Denenchofu is very expensive and is popular because its structure is similar to the city of London. The soothing environment has meant that many celebrities and wealthy people has made their homes here to people to relax from busy schedules. The area here is $7,640 per square meter.


Aoyama is one of the wealthiest areas of not only Tokyo but also Japan. It is an area of the elite class of Japan as it has one of the best and most decadent luxury bars and restaurants. Most of the famous companies are located in this area, and it gives one of the exclusive shopping experiences with royal and luxury boutiques. Prices here per square meter are $11,914.


Azabu is a place for people who love to live amongst the wealthy and famous people.. Land here is costly and around $12,198 per square meter. Azabu is home to many celebrities and is known to be the wealthiest area in Japan, and most people can only dream here to live here.



Hiroo borders famous and popular locations like Ebisu, Shibuya, and Roppongi. People love it for its prime, great location made up of excellent infrastructure, and easy access to great education and shopping.

The city has great educational facilities as it is home to many famous universities and one of the prestigious universities called ‘International School of the Sacred Heart.’ Due to its rich and remarkable sights and prime availability of everything, land prices are very high and around $13,375 per square meter.


Daikanyama is also known as ‘little Brooklyn’ due to its stylish and sophisticated structure and is the most expensive place is Japan to buy property.

This area has a lot of greenery and parks which keeps one close to nature. It produces the best beers, so while strolling through its  exquisite parts, you can gulp down fine locally brewed beer at every pitstop.

Property here costs $27,708 per square meter resulting in it making the number one spot.

Ellen Hollington

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