Eight Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting Venue For Reception

Eight Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting Venue For Reception

The selection of Venue is one of the main things that highly impact wedding-related decisions that play a pivotal role in wedding planning. The perfect wedding venue can beautify the theme of your wedding ceremony. Some factors that essentially affect the wedding planning decisions are figured out to help in choosing wedding receptions venues Melbourne.


Timeline is important in choosing a venue for wedding receptions. Some places are booked for different functions and events months ago and you need to contact the manager of the venue several months ago for reservation. If you want to choose a particular venue and there is no suitable date available, find out the cancellation of any reservation and book your event. If there is no such opportunity, you should quickly search for a similar venue before it’s too late.

Date Tractability

The date tractability is important if you want a booking in your dream venue. If the wedding venue matters more for you, you should find the availability of space in the wedding venue and then set the wedding date. If any particular timing in the year is important for you then you have to choose any random venue available at that particular time for your wedding ceremony.

  Multiple Venue

Sometimes people choose multiple venues for their wedding events. They select one menu for a wedding event and another for the reception. The selection of multiple venues may cause trouble for both hosts and guests. The single venue for multiple wedding events may help maintain the budget and save time.

  Venue Location

Accessibility of venues near your home town plays a pivotal role in saving time for both hosts and guests. Moreover, guests and couples may avoid travel risk that may cause fatigue. Couples should choose venue destinations wisely for reception because if a lot of people are invited from town then the wrong choice may cause transportation problems for guests. The venue destination should be near to the hometown so guests may arrive without facing any trouble.

  Reception Theme

The selection of venues is pivotal to rightly color your dream reception theme into reality. The choice of venue should be clearly according to the perceptions of the couple. The venue should portray a clear picture of your imagination. For the classical wedding theme, the royal hall of a well-designed restaurant is a good choice. While the park and open-air venue are suitable for natural reception themes. There are various wedding reception venues in Melbourne that can be chosen according to the nature of the reception theme.

  Venue Capacity

The estimation of the number of guests plays a pivotal role in considering venue capacity. If the venue with little capacity is selected for reception and your guests are more, it can cause serious trouble. The right venue choice with compatible capacity is important to avoid such problems.


A wedding budget should be pre-decided before making any wedding planning decisions. The venue of the reception costs about half of the wedding budget. If the wedding planning is kept synchronized then the budget can be used wisely. The selection of the venue should be kept under the wedding budget because the wedding or reception venue is not the only thing that is managed for the wedding ceremony.  A lot of other things are also considered that need a reasonable budget allocation to be managed. So, choose the venue with other packages to save the budget.

Wedding Packages

Different wedding venue managers offer wedding packages in a reasonable reservation amount. The wedding packages may include venue reservations, catering service, and decoration services in a reasonable budget that may cost a little bit higher than regular reservations. The separate services may charge more than this collective package. Choice should be wise in this regard.


The reservation of venues is a tiring process and event planners may help to find wedding receptions venues Melbourne in cheap reservation charges with the best location.

Ellen Hollington

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