Easy Wedding Invitation Video Ideas

Easy Wedding Invitation Video Ideas

Wedding invitations are a fun way to plan and get your guests excited about the event. However, it gets complicated when you want to send out easy and simple invitations to make while still looking elegant. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right balance between love letters and pretty flowers, but it will be a lot easier with these video ideas than you think! If you’re searching for the best wedding invitation video ideas, you’ve come to the right place! This blog post shares some of the most favourite easy and simple wedding invitation ideas. We hope that these will be useful to all those planning their big day.

1. Slow Motion Invites

The video starts with some slow-motion shots of the happy couple. The next scene allows you to give a closer look at their faces and bodies as they express love for each other, with other things like hearts in the background.

2. Singing Your Invitation

In this wedding invitation video idea, you can see a close-up of the couple singing about their love for each other and how the wedding will be the best day of their lives. The message is conveyed using lyrics that ask viewers to celebrate by attending their wedding because it will be an unforgettable event.

3. Love Poem With Clips

The invitation is written in the form of a poem, and it is delivered using footage of the couple’s most memorable moments. You will see them goofy together, playing with their pet dog, or working out in the gym.

4. Using Your Footage

This video invitation idea allows you to show your audience what life was like before you got together and how it looked when you first met each other. It helps them get to know you better and allows them to look at this precious time from beginning to end. This is a quiet romantic video idea that every couple can enjoy!

5. Monochrome Invites

Monochrome wedding invitation ideas are perfect for those who want to put a modern touch on their invites. There are a lot of things you can do with this theme. You can use simple white backgrounds that can be available on any invitation maker and use black text on it or you can use a black font with white fonts as accents. Another good way to express yourself is with monochrome pictures of your loved one which will show that you want something simple and classic about your wedding video ideas.

6. Animations

This unique video idea allows you to match your background music with the animations in your wedding invite video. That way, both the hosts feel the same rhythm while they are delivering these messages in the videos they send out to their dear ones back home. Using a good wedding invitation video maker can make it easier for you to make a wedding video without having any experience in the production segment of it.

7. Colourful Invitations

This video idea uses bold colors in the background with different fonts, labels, and pictures that look awesome together. It goes well with the vibrant personality of the hosts and it will surely inspire others to have equally exciting wedding invite video ideas.

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8. Videoboard love letters

A video board love letter can be a fun way to say something special to your loved one or family member and this is exactly what this wedding invitation video idea is all about. You can see the couple standing side by side as they tell their message to the viewers in the most adorable tune you can think of!

9. Go traditional

This video idea uses traditional fonts and photos to communicate the message of love to your loved ones. It will look beautiful on your wedding video board because it is classic yet modern at the same time.

10. Crystal Clear Invitation

This unique wedding video idea is a perfect example of how you can make a statement with your wedding video invites without saying anything of importance. The entire video looks like a great movie scene with its crystal clear backdrop, which goes perfectly with simplistic font and stylish graphics. This way, you will get more viewers to watch this creative video wedding invite ideas!

11. Portrait of the Couple

This wedding video idea is as simple as it gets. With just a few words and an image of the hosts, you can make this intimate greeting to your loved ones and tell them just how much you care about them.

12. Love the Movie

What’s great about this video wedding invite idea is that you don’t need a lot of things to pull it off. You could just use emotive music with clips of the bride and groom in the video montage or even use a single frame to emphasize their love for each other. It all depends on how creative you want to go with your wedding video ideas!

13. Destination Weddin

This video wedding invite idea covers all the important aspects that you need to have for your destination-themed wedding. From pictures of the event’s location, traditional and modern fonts, music, a message from you to your loved one, and clips of the actual wedding day, this video idea is about as loaded as it gets.

14. Love Letters with Incorporating Music

This wedding video idea mixes both musics and loves letters by incorporating them into one big video message that lasts through two short videos put together. You will see how they got together, how happy they are together, and what they feel when they look at each other. These are some things that can be communicated in an amazingly creative way!

15. Floral invites

When you are planning to send out a floral invitation wedding video, make sure that the background is special and interesting. You can use a live shot of flowers or a beautiful creation of 3D animation, which can change with each new frame. The idea is to have something that will make your videos something special and different from the rest.

You can use any idea shown here to create your own wedding video invitation ideas. You can pick one or two things that you like and put them together to make your very own wedding invite video. The videos will show a bit of yourself, so you should put effort into making them special, fun, and creative.

Do not be afraid to go with the flow while creating these videos because visuals say a lot more than words. Just have fun with it and let the creativity do its job!

Ellen Hollington

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