Different Types of Woman Sneakers – How to Match Them With Different Outfits.

Different Types of Woman Sneakers – How to Match Them With Different Outfits.

Women sneakers have always been the talk of town since their inception. You would be wrong to think that sneakers came into being in the late 90s. The first sneakers company was established in 1886, that’s right. But their demand and fame grew a lot in the 1900s and the time that came after. One of the main reasons for this was the exponential growth in Sports. Men and women alike participated and fought for titles, silverware in sports which made sneakers the hour of the need and it was this time that these were then improved and redesigned.

But you’d be thinking that since sneakers were primarily used for sports, why are they being used for Fashion? Well, fashion is a world where everything is and can be an art. The art of fashion depends upon your preferences and style. So, it did not and doesn’t matter whether sneakers were used for sports or not, if they go well with your getup then they have the right to become an Icon of fashion and they rightly did so.

Since, the title of the article/content speaks about Women sneakers, we won’t be discussing men sneakers around here but sneakers that can be worn by women and are made for women. If you are confused which type or style of sneaker to go for, this article will help give in an edge when deciding your outfit and the pair of sneakers.
So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Types of Women Sneakers

Just like everything has room for improvement and can be redesigned to make it look good and make it perform better, the sneakers got developed too. If you check out today’s sneakers and the earlier sneakers when they first came out, you’ll see drastic changes. Such changes are mainly due to the demand of the customer, their requirements and preferences and the fashion trends prevailing in the society and much more. These factors combined made the manufacturers to bring changes to their sneakers design so that the majority of their customer base can be satisfied.
The following are the women sneakers types that can be found today-

Plimsoll Sneakers

The name Plimsoll might be new to you as you wouldn’t know what the sneakers are called that are almost worn by every woman on this planet and believe me, you have seen such sneakers everywhere when you go out but now you know what they are called. They are the most common and the most fashionable type of women sneakers found today. These are also called Low Top Sneakers.
However, one thing to note and remember when wearing these sneakers is to not wear any socks with them so that they can be the center of attention. This is the only thing that you need to remember and you’re good to go to rock the world.

Slip-on Sneakers

The Slip-on sneakers are what’s called the classic type of sneakers. These are also low rise sneakers just like the Plimsoll ones. They do not have any laces or anything to tighten the sneakers and you only have to just slide your foot into them and you’re good to go. These sneakers had almost gone extinct with very little to none demand from people but in recent times they have made a comeback, a much larger comeback than expected. This is mainly because of their comfort and being easy to have them equipped. But again, the rule of the sock applies to these sneakers too. You can’t wear any socks with them so that they are the center of attention.

Chunky Sneakers

You must have seen these kinds of sneakers on the streets and in this age, they’re worn by everyone as they have become a fashion item. Chunky sneakers are also called Dad sneakers, mainly because they are oversized, extra cushioned for comfort and minimalist. Such kinds of sneakers have paved the way to become a fashion icon and have been worn by many celebrities in the past now. The name dad sneakers was given to these sneakers is because such sneakers were mainly worn by Dad or older people because of their comfort but now they are being worn by the younger generations as well, hence they become a fashion trend that is still prevailing.

Athleisure Sneakers

So, when you read the term “Athleisure” you might be thinking what kind of sneakers these must be, again, you have seen these sneakers all day long when you’re out, you just happen to know the name now.
Athleisure is a name given to any apparel, accessories, shoes that are athletically inspired but are really meant for more casual use. If we had to put it into simpler terms then these sneakers are the kind of sneakers that look sporty but not over sporty and at the same time these sneakers are made for casual use, that’s athleisure sneakers are.
Athleisure sneakers have always been in demand since this variant of sneakers came out because of their look, design, comfort (because they are athletically inspired) and how good they look with your outfit.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little run in these shoes or sneakers, you can but if you are more of a person who’s casual and who likes to walk or brisk walk then you definitely need to get a taste of these sneakers and we are sure you’ll love it.

Authentic Sneakers

Authentic sneakers are also a great choice for women to wear as their sneakers, but do know that when we say authentic sneakers, we actually mean the very famous Van Sneakers.

At some point when these were rolled out to the public, these were the only kind of sneakers that people wanted and they wore it majestically. They loved it, and still do. Van sneakers or the authentic sneakers have a great demand and the best part about these are that the owner gets emotional attachment to these sneakers and then it gets difficult for the customer, owner or the user to forget these.

Anyhow, these sneakers are really comfortable and were loved by many due to its minimal design. It is due to this minimal design that the Van sneakers have gotten the name Authentic Sneakers.

Designer Sneakers

You would have already known what we mean by these sneakers only by taking a glance at the name. Well, you’re right, these are the sneakers that have been designed and sold by the designer brands available today such as the Adidas or the Nike, to name a couple.
Although they are more expensive than the rest of the sneaker brands available, there are a couple things that one can’t ignore when opting for designer sneakers. A couple of them are the design, built, comfort and durability. Since, these sneakers are made by brands and their goodwill or public image is attached to their products (since such sneakers are worn by Athletes and Celebrities alike), the designer brands put much money into R&D to provide the best experience for their customer. For this reason, their sneakers are durable, comfortable and look good.


Sneakers have always been in demand and have always been the most sought out footwear when it comes to casual wearing.

The above types of sneakers are the most exotic looking with your outfit and I’m sure you must be accustomed to most of the sneakers above as you would have seen them everywhere when you go out but now you are more equipped about the types of women sneakers and what to search for when you are looking for them.

All in all, these sneakers have proved to be the most exotic looking, no matter how you dress, if you wear any of the above 6 identified types of sneakers, We are sure they’d look great on you.
I hope you enjoy the read.

Ellen Hollington

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