Different Types Of Masquerade Parties

Different Types Of Masquerade Parties

When planning your next party why not opt for a masquerade themed event. A masquerade party doesn’t just have to be the theme of the party but you can also have a themed masquerade party.  Yes – You can make it blend into the party scenery with all the usual ballroom-type dress-code, wall color, drapes, flowers and Custom Balloons. This will help accentuate the beauty and significance of the theme. There are plenty of masquerade masks on the market for all different types of occasions – some requiring a bit more imagination than others, of course!

Black Tie Balls

If you are planning on having a black tie themed party – your mask will need to be either smart (if you are a man) or a little more elaborate (for the lady). This can then be teamed up with a ball gown or, of course a tuxedo. Tuxedos are perfect for men and women especially if you favour the androgynous style. Afterall, you’ll be wearing a venetian mask to hide your identity.

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Charity Balls

A charity ball can be anything, all you simply need is a mask and you’re away. So if you are planning a charity ball – unless you specify – your guests are free to turn up either fancy or plain.

Masked Wedding

Masked weddings are becoming popular and are usually seen to be used at the after party. When choosing a mask for a wedding don’t just opt for something quick, easy and cheap – find something that will match your outfit well.

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Venice Carnival

Like a true venetian, why not embrace a venice carnival theme for your guests. Featuring full face and half face masks that are full of quirkiness and fun, including jokers and jesters. Simply accompany your mask with a cape and a hat and you are ready to go.

School Prom

School proms are a great place to have a masquerade party – allowing everyone to have their own unique take on the idea with some students even designing their own mask. You are likely to have seen a few school masquerade proms on the TV so opt for something half face, with feathers, lace and metals and you are on to a winner.

There is a masquerade mask for every occasion so whether the party you are planning is one of the above or something completely different you will always find the perfect mask for your next event.

Ellen Hollington

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