Custom Zipper Needs of Tailors and Designers Taken Care of Via Zipper Shipper

Custom Zipper Needs of Tailors and Designers Taken Care of Via Zipper Shipper

Designers and tailors all have specific goals and objectives they want to achieve. And to achieve these goals, they must have the most important tools at their disposal. Even if only small thing is missing, creating the design that they have in mind might be impossible. These tools can be something as small like needle or something seemingly unimportant like zippers.

Yes, you’ve read that right. Zippers are very important for tailors and designers because more than anything else, they are what make clothes and items wearable and usable in the first place. The good news is that it is now possible for designers and tailors to take advantage of the different custom made zipper options at

The Need for Quality Supplier of Custom Made Zippers

If you will care to look around in the market, one of the first things you will notice is that there are already a lot of suppliers of all kinds of zippers. However, not all of them carry the exact and specific zippers that some tailors or designers might be looking for to complete their projects. As you know, these people have already envisioned in their creative minds what their final project will look like. This is why they go from one tailoring shop to another hoping to find the zippers they need only to end up disappointed.

Well, save yourself from trouble because Zipper Shipper is now here to the rescue. Zipper Shipper is the number one place where you will be able to find all kinds, styles, and types of zippers you could ever ask for. But, the most interesting thing here is that they also have the so-called custom made zippers. These zippers are especially made to cater to the particular wants and needs of designers and tailors to help them complete their projects.

What are Zippers?

Zippers are a type of temporary fasteners composed of two fabric strips, with each one featuring tens or even thousands of metal or plastic teeth with special shapes. There is a slider joining two sides through pushing together the teeth as this rides along these two teeth sets.

A zipper can be either close-ended or open-ended in design. An open-ended zipper locks into place the two sides of the zipper. A close ended zipper stats closed at the two ends.

There are different types of zippers that you can find. Heavy duty zippers are made of metal with teeth size of 10, 8 or 5mm when closed. These teeth are molded to the zipper tape’s shape at regular and short intervals. Plastic zippers are like metalize zippers but use plastic teeth instead.

The teeth of sewing zippers can be found at the back of the tape and dyed in order to match the garment’s color. The teeth of upholstery zippers are composed of coils.

Clothing zippers are used as replacement for buckles, Velcro tapes, or buttons. A slider is running on two coils on both sides.

Of course, there are also custom zippers like those you can get from Zipper Shipper.

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