Cleaner Aircon Helps To Improve Health


Air conditioning is one of the best health advantages of cooling. On summer days it is precious things. AC can make conditions better for preventing heat-related symptoms or for recovering from illness. If you are sitting near to a poorly maintained AC, it can affect your health. Good air-conditioning leads to better concentration, less sickness, fewer headaches, and even cleaner lungs. This is proven through several studies on workplaces and schools all over the world.

That is why the biggest brand names in the air conditioning industry have developed these appliances to purify, ionize, and clean the air taken and absorbed from the external environment.  In this aspect, we can securely support that when using the air conditioners, we inhale better quality air compared to the one existing in the outer environment. This can help you choose the best aircon for your home or work environment.

How modern aircon purifies the incoming air?

There are several models to explain the exact function of the air conditioner. When the external unit compresses the air, it passes it through some powerful filters. These filters are retaining most of the dust, dirt, pollen, and flowing particles that could result in entering your respiratory system and gravely harm you gradually.

The following step takes place in the internal unit of the air conditioner. It is equally equipped with powerful filters which can absorb any remaining residues existent in the outer airflow. Finally, the air is flowing into the room, passing through the ionizer. This is a powerful machine that ionizes the molecules of the air so that they cannot form chemical substances with other harmful particles in the internal air.

This is the way you can enjoy maximum quality of internal air and protect the health of your family by operating the air conditioner all the time.

Lungs, nose are throat are equally threatened by the air pollution

Your respiratory system indeed keeps on being vulnerable to the quality of the air you are breathing. That is because they have virtually no defensive mechanisms to keep the dust and other particles away from them.

You will know that something wrong is happening with your lungs and throat when you start having active inflammation signs on your body. This can occur suddenly, and the symptoms may be fatal for your life.

However, most of the times, such damages are happening gradually and without even noticing it. Pollen and dust, as well as dirt and particles, are accumulating to the epithelial cells of your nose, throat, and lungs and create a form of a destructive layer. This layer is gradually destroying your ability to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide inside your lungs and may lead to respiratory distress and even death. The constant use of the air conditioner can reduce your exposure to such polluting agents. The right combination of filters inside the air conditioners can withhold all the polluting agents and give you a better overall health level.

How can you efficiently clean up your air conditioner?

If you always want to inhale the best air quality, you should clean your air conditioner regularly. First, you need to clean the internal unit, which is easier than the external one. The front panel of the device is easily unscrewed and removed. Then you will have direct access to the filter.

This filter can be removed from its drivers, and then you are ready to clean the internal tubes of the device using water and a mild detergent. Some experts are using a special form of cleaning spray which enters the internal parts of the machine and deeply removes any dust or pollen that may have been attached to it.

The second part of the procedure is to clean the filters. You can either wash them and let them dry or pass them with the same spray to remove 100% of the polluting agents. Then you can easily put all the parts back and close the cap of the internal unit. While cleaning the filters, make sure you handle it with care. The air is going to be purer than ever before.

The filters on the external units are harder to be removed and may require expert assistance. However, such maintenance is suggested every 3-5 years so that the outer tubes of the machine are adequately cleaned.


The existence of air conditioning has given a solution for the improvement of health for people living in big cities. The air inhaled has become a lot cleaner by the use of these machines and has given people the chance to live a healthy life no matter the external pollution of the airflow.

Both internal and external units are essential to be cleaned thoroughly since they are both equipped with large scale filters to clean the incoming airflow. Modern air conditioners also have a special auto-clean procedure where they increase the temperature inside their tubes to burn the pollutant agents. This is a feature that we find in the expensive models, and you are always asked to leave the premises when you are putting the auto-clean mode.

Finally, there is a great impact on our health by using the air cons due to the lowering of the room temperature. Many heart diseases are getting improved by the chilled airflow, and there is always the chance to heal up quicker than without the use of the air conditioner. The best internal climate control is here for you to live a better life.

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