Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant | An Ideal Sky Dining in Bangkok

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Dining in rooftop bars is one of the best experiences you can enjoy in Bangkok. There are many rooftop bars in Bangkok, but the Cielo Sky Bar boasts the best view of them all. It is certainly the highest bar in the city, and this quality allows you to enjoy unrestricted views for miles. The bar has a stylish design and a laid back atmosphere that will make you feel like you are actually dining in the clouds.


The restaurant and bar are located side by side on the 46th floor of the building. At the restaurant, you can enjoy traditional Thai food, as well as Western foods. You can have your meals in the restaurant or on the terrace.

There are also some private dining spaces which will be ideal for people who want better views of the city. These spaces include the Capricho Zone, the Secreto Zone, and the Ocaso Zone. Some of the spaces are themed appropriately to appeal to specific crowds.

The menu covers almost all the foods you could want to eat in Thailand. You can even get a light serving to take with your drink. Compared to other sky bars in Bangkok city, the foods offered at Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant are reasonably priced.


At Cielo Sky Bar, you can get all sorts of beverages, alcoholic drinks, and smoothies. If you want to enjoy some alcoholic drinks, you can pick from the great selection of vodka, whiskeys of various origins, rum, gin, tequila, cognac, red wine, white wine, and beers.

Some local beers you can enjoy include Corona, Asahi, and Singha. The Thai beers are excellent and are cheaper than the imported ones. Many classic cocktails are also prepared in the bar.

Beverages like coffee and some non-alcoholic cocktails are available for those who would rather avoid alcohol. The bar has something for people at all budget levels. Those with some extra money to enjoy can even opt for a bottle of champagne.

The View

The main factor which attracts people to the Cielo Bar is the panoramic view of Bangkok. For the best experience, you should visit the place in the early evening to watch the golden sunset. Besides the view of the city, you will appreciate the view down the Skywalk glass walkway.

This glass walk allows you to see all the way to the swimming pool 150 metres below. If you find heights thrilling, you should make sure you go through this walkway for the amazing view.

How Do You Get to Cielo Sky Bar?

To get to the Cielo Sky Bar, you will have to go through the BTS Sukhumvit Line to Phra Khanong Station. From here, you can take Exit 3 and walk past the post office to the W District. Here, you can turn left in the direction of 7 Eleven till you reach the Sky Walk Condominium. Cielo Sky Bar is located on the 46th floor of this building. The journey from Phra Khanong Station to the bar should take you about 4 minutes on foot. The bar is always open from 5 pm to 12 am.


If you want to enjoy a peaceful evening of fine dining and drinking, you should visit the Cielo Sky Bar. You can go to the bar with your lover for a romantic evening or with friends for a good time. This is the highest sky bar in all of Bangkok, and it will offer you 360-degrees panoramic views of the city. The services in the area are reasonably priced and will not dry your wallet.

Ellen Hollington

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