Choosing The Right Mangalsutra Is As Important As Your Wedding Dress

Mangalsutra is simply a bond with many emotions and has no replacement to the memories attached to it. It is worn by Indian bride to conclude that they’re married – it is a symbol of love. Traditionally, it is strung with beautiful black beads, with gold textures in a necklace worn by a married woman. There are light weight mangalsutra, long and heavy pendants, shimmery, Gold and Silver Mangalsutra – a wide variety to chose from.

The meaning and significance of Mangalsutra

A mangalasutra (from Sanskrit mangala, signifying ‘holy, promising/auspicious’, and sutra, signifying ‘thread/bond’) is a neckband that the groom ties around the bride’s neck in Indian and sub-Indian nations, in a function called Mangalya Dharanam (Sanskrit for “wearing the promising bond”), which distinguishes her as a wedded lady. It is typically a neckband with dark dabs hung from a dark or yellow string arranged with turmeric. It is a symbol of marriage worn by ladies. In specific networks, the groom ties the first knot while his sister ties whatever is left of the knots. Available in gold, white or red dots the mangalasutra is available in many choices, contingent upon provincial and personal aspirations and needs.

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Modern women, who are no more housewives, tend to symbolize this holy thread as a symbol of fashion and keeping that in mind there are many designs and varieties added to this traditional necklace.

  • Lightweight Mangalsutra

Modern women share workspace with their husband, colleagues and are more inspired by lightweight pendants available that hardly interfere and make it feel bulky.

  • Short Mangalsutra

Inspired by chokers and short designs, short mangalsutra are trendy. As it goes handy with your professional looks it can also be wrapped around your wrists like a bracelet.

  • Traditional long haul, heavy-weight Mangalsutra

This could be best for either newly-weds or a go-to functions. A beautifully carved pendant with intricate designs can give you a look that hooks everyone towards you.

  • Diamond shimmery pendants

As Marilyn Monroe said “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, these beautiful diamonds carved mangalsutra can give you a look that can mesmerize not only the audience but your loves one too.

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  • Fewer black beads and more diamond/gold

Each woman has her own inclination – some prefer gold, some diamond. Some prefer a mixture of both. A carefully textured pendant with customized needs of women can not only make her look like Cinderella but a look that will imprint on your loved one’s eyes.   

In order to keep your special day “special”, all you need is to trust a jeweler that conveys you everything you want in one thread. It is a tie for years to come, a lifetime bond that can never be replaced and is for your husband’s wellbeing. Although, whatever perception women has for it, mangalsutra is deemed to be the core auspicious necklace that shall suit your lifestyle as well as personality.

Ellen Hollington

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