Choosing a New Hair Salon: 5 Questions to Ask Before a Session

Choosing a New Hair Salon: 5 Questions to Ask Before a Session

Asking yourself the right questions can make the difference between a good salon experience and one that leaves you feeling frustrated and unhappy. You and your stylist should share the same vision for your hair to ensure that you get everything you want.

If you go in with a specific request, set realistic expectations for how it will look. Be honest if you are unhappy with something. Here are five questions to ask if you want to ask your hairstylist if you want to find the best hair salon Miami.

Questions to Ask when looking for the Best Hair Salon in Miami

1. How Much Training and Experience Do You Have?

Hairstylists must be licensed in every state before they may work. A state-approved program is required to obtain the license. Inquire about your hairdresser’s educational background. The reputations of various programs differ.

Find out how long the stylist has been in the industry. Inquire about their qualifications as a specialist. Does your stylist keep up with the latest methods and trends by attending continuing education classes? An online bio for your stylist may include the answers to these inquiries. If not, inquire when you meet.

2. Can I See Your Portfolio?

You can’t just take their word for it, so make sure you get a look at their work before committing. While not everyone has professional photos of their work, most salons will have some photo gallery on their website or social media page where you can see the styles they offer. If they don’t have photos online, ask if they can send you snapshots from past clients. A good stylist should be happy to do this for you and even offer suggestions for what would work best for your hair type and face shape.

Also, you can check comments written by clients on social media or review sites for a stylist or a salon. You can read client testimonials and see the stylist’s work examples here.

How to Choose a Good Hair Salon

3. What Services Do You Offer?

Hair salons offer various services, from simple haircuts to highlights and perms. If you’re looking for something like extensions or braids, ask if they have any experience doing those types of styles. Knowing what services are available will help you select a stylist with the expertise you require.

4. What Are The Hours?

You want to know if the salon has convenient hours that work with your schedule. If you have children or other obligations, you don’t want to worry about missing out on time with them due to scheduling conflicts with your appointments. This might be a major consideration if you work during the day and can’t get away during normal business hours. Many salons stay late to accommodate their clients who work all day.

5. How Much Does It Cost?

Of course, this is the most important question to ask when choosing a new hair salon. While price isn’t everything, it’s certainly something to consider. You want to know how much your hair will cost before getting it done, so you aren’t surprised when the bill arrives.

Stylists with more experience and education will charge more than those just starting. Some salons give new customers and referral discounts. Also, it never hurts to inquire about discounts, especially if you’re planning on getting multiple treatments in one visit. Also, look out for deals on social media.


Overall, finding an ideal hair salon isn’t impossible. You need to consider what you can afford and what your goals are. If you ask the questions above and find one that meets your needs and budget, you’ll find the best hair salon in Miami.

Ellen Hollington

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