Chapter 2 of Under the Oak Tree

Chapter 2 of Under the Oak Tree

Kim Suji is the author of the South Korean web novel Under the Oak Tree. Since January 17, 2017, the digital comic has been serialized on RIDI Corporation’s RIDIBOOKS platform. It concluded its first season on March 5, 2018. On March 12, 2018, the spin-off was released, and on July 19 of the same year, it was completed. Then, on September 16, a special spin-off was released. The second season of the series began May 3, 2019, but is currently on hiatus due to the author’s health problems.

Summary of Under the Oak Tree in Chapter 2

There was a single habitable planet called Argos, revolving around a huge star with dozens of gaseous planets surrounding it.

Until the intelligent bipedal race who called themselves humans entered the scene, the planet flourished.

The intelligent race socialized, gathered together to survive, and advanced with the help of one another.

Humanity developed the ability to generate energy to mechanize, automate machines, and prosper for hundreds of years.

As a race, humans have used up more limited natural resources than any other throughout history, despite their relatively short history compared to the history of the entire planet.

The population of mankind broke through three-digit billions almost as if it were nothing and humanity’s living space was limited by its construction capabilities after an additional hundred years.

They needed to leave the solar system to find new planets to continue their growth and progress, but that was easier said than done as the speed of light and theories weren’t easily achieved, which was one essential requirement for leaving the solar system.

People even prayed to whatever god they wanted in hopes that something would change and they would make a breakthrough in space travel.

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The furthest planet on the same stellar system was pierced by a sudden meteor shower and shattered into millions of pieces without any effort.

The meteor shower appeared and disappeared within an extremely short period of time, but the most important thing is that the meteor shower came from outside the solar system without anyone noticing it.

Scientists discovered remnants of the meteorites consisting of an unknown material never seen before, which could be considered an answer to humanity’s prayers.

They radiated a cold and tranquil energy that caused the tense surroundings to release their tension subconsciously.

The meteorite floated slightly in the air due to this energy which was stronger than any energy ever invented by humanity. It was even stronger than nature’s laws.

Many things were learned from the meteorite research.

Plants and animals around the meteorites could grow faster as a result of the radiant energy from the meteorites.

As scientists researched the meteorite, they felt more vigorous, slowly grew stronger, and even appeared to be aging more slowly, which made other humans envious.

Several years after the first research about the meteorite began, cracks began to spread across the meteorite’s surface without warning, and an unmeasurable amount of the still unknown energy began to condense into a bright blue liquid-like ball that peeled away its stone skin and ascended to the heavens.

As most humans around the world were still working, nature felt a sudden fate-changing event and all wildlife went silent.

Only humans on the other side of the planet far from the laboratory where the meteorites were assembled did not feel anything.

As the blue shining ball continued its ascent, it reached a certain height, where it floated peril without moving an inch.

Due to the unknown, all people in the laboratory were anxiety-filled and horrified.

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