Celebrate Independence Day & Rakhi Together By Making Girls Independent!


Everyone is well aware of the fact that Raksha Bandhan and Independence Day will fall on the same day this year. To cherish this beautiful coincidence, something special can be done. By something special here, we do not mean to send Rakhi to your brother or to send gifts to your sister only. Doing this is not rocket science. You just need to grab your phone and place an order from any of the online Rakhi stores and avail the online Rakhi delivery in Bangalore services, and you are done.

Something special here is synonyms to the initiative that should be taken in favor of girls to make them sufficient enough to fight back for her rights, for her self-respect, and her freedom. India as a country is developing day by day, step by step in every field. And this is as true as in the case of rapes, harassment, kidnapping, molesting, and many other shameful activities too. But, being dependent on the government for the efforts to save your daughters, your sisters, even your mothers and wives from all these mal-practices is not the case in today’s era. You need to take the initiative of your own.

Only being protective in the four walls of the house is not going to make any difference in the condition. The need of the moment is to make girls of your family self-dependent that they can kick off the culprits and can save themselves from all the evils around. This is not something very difficult to start with.

If you are still having any confusion what to do and how to do, then here are some tips that can be taken into consideration for making your daughter, your sister, your wife, or even your little angle confident enough to the fact the worst scenarios.

  • Encourage them to pursue their careers. Make them self-independent both physically as well as financially.
  • Count their vote too in making decisions. This will boost their moral and also their confidence level.
  • Let them face their problems on their own instead of fixing things for them.
  • Listen to them rather imposing your decisions on them. They have the right to present their thoughts and pursue them as well.
  • Acknowledge her struggle and praise her work. This will motivate her and she will not afraid of taking decisions.
  • Let her examine herself well before taking any decision about her life
  • Make her feel confident about her taste, personality, choices and nature. Don’t force her to hide behind other views
  • Let them know their creditability. Love them for what they are not for their looks, their weight, and their knowledge. Appreciate their inner self.
  • Let them face the critics individually. They should know how to face the worst in society, in the locality and the whole world.
  • Do not limit her dreams. Let her fly high in the sky. There is no need to set boundaries for her career, for her marriage, for her job or anything else.
  • Don’t introduce her to the fairytales only. Let them face reality. From financial problems to the relationship issues; take their voice into consideration.
  • The best and most important approach that can be an aid for empowering women is self-defence classes. When she learns to kick off all the molesters in her way, her confidence level will automatically boost up.
  • Let them take responsibility. Do not promote gender difference in front of them. Divide the responsibilities according to the capabilities, not based on gender.


These are some points that can be considered for empowering women. There is no specific time or condition, right from childhood, let them live freely. It is not a custom that only men can take care of women. Let her be her own brother on this Raksha Bandhan. All these things will not only promote her confidence but also she will live a disciplined life.

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Ellen Hollington

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