Breitling: The Perfect Watch of Luxury and Efficiency

Breitling: The Perfect Watch of Luxury and Efficiency

In buying watches it is often in mind to look for the best. It means that timepieces should possess the character of efficiency and luxury. In short it should be perfect. If the person wears a perfect timepiece then confidence is not difficult to project. The luxury design makes the person radiant and efficient functions provide dependability.

A timepiece brand like Breitling makes only the most delicate pieces. It intends to make its wearer confident in the efficiency of its features and beautiful to the elegance of its design. Indeed one of the brands that possess only the best of perfection. Let us look deeper and discover their collections of timepieces that boast perfect luxury and efficiency.

Navitimer M17314101B1X1 Black Dial Automatic

These Breitling watches are from their Navitimer collections that are perfectly crafted to meet the desires of men. It has the manly color of black with a dial that illuminates in indexes of Arabic numerals. The hour and minute hands reveal elegance in the shade of silver. Then the stainless steel case completes the statement of sophistication.

The wearer takes confidence in the dependability of its features like round and solid case. It measures 41 mm for that comfortable wrist grip. The time movements of caliber 17 put exact precision in timekeeping. Plus, the polished 27 jewels have a luminous effect. The power reserve of 42 hours and 100 m water resistance makes this watch remarkable.

Transocean AB015412/G784 Silver Dial Automatic

The outdoor type of men often reflects a savage image, but this timepiece in silver dial puts elegance in the ravage pursuits. The indexes of Roman numerals are at the same time beautiful. It has hand movements uniquely shaped in leaf style to add vibrance. Then the steel texture of the case and bracelet makes this timepiece a charm.

Men in constant motion for adventure can rely on its quality features like 80 hours power reserve. It gives an extra boost of time. The size of 43 mm provides a secure grip. Then it can resist damage from water because of its 30 m water resistance function. The round shape with a transparent back case makes it a comfortable watch to wear.

Galactic A49350L2/C929 Blue Steel

This timepiece puts the style of dynamism and contemporary together. It has the classic stainless steel design, but the blue dial makes it dynamic and different. The well-polished indexes with silver hands make the entire dial of this watch sophisticated. It has a 41 mm case that looks solid in round shape.

This sporty and modern watch possesses features that are also outstanding. It has a 42 hours power reserve that can keep up with the fast lifestyle. The men fond of sports like diving will find this timepiece dependable because the water-resistance feature of 300 m makes it the best. Any wearer will fall in love with this watch because it is both stylish and functional.

Chronomat AB01109S/I523 Yellow Steel

This timepiece from the Chronomat collections puts yellow and steel elegance perfectly. It is considered a limited edition because it is one of a kind luxury. The yellow dial of this timepiece reflects a signature mark as a unique charm to the style. Then the case in stainless steel perfects the classy old-time look.

The chronograph feature of this timepiece is admirable and dependable. It has an automatic movement that gives precision to time movements. The bezel rotates flawlessly in a unidirectional position. Plus, the undeniable water resistance capacity of 500 m makes this timepiece superior.

A17325241B1P1 Breitling Navitimer

Galactic A7433053/A780 Pearl Diamond

The appeal of pearls and diamonds makes this timepiece a crowning glory of luxury. It comes radiant with a dial of mother pearl surface that gently blends to its diamond markers. The lavish of diamonds spread throughout the outer rim case perfectly matches this timepiece’s stainless steel beauty.

This timepiece delights the heart of ladies, and the luxurious style of this watch makes any woman beautiful and confident. It comes with a solid round shape and 36 mm size for feminine comfort wear. The functional features of this timepiece desire efficiency like 100 m water resistance and dependable stainless steel bracelet.


If you are eyeing perfection, then the Breitling watch makes an excellent option. It comes with a luxurious design that can meet vibrance and elegance together. It has features that function with exceptional efficiency to make its wearer happy. Let these timepieces be the top choice and get the best that perfection can offer.

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