Botox’s Journey Into The Modern Clinics

Botox’s Journey Into The Modern Clinics

When you hear the word “Botox” nowadays, there are a lot of things that fly through your mind. You imagine your favorite celebrities, coming out of some clinic that’s in a really sunny and tropical location, looking all stretched out and plastic, with bloated lips and tiny eyes.

That’s a very outdated look at what Botox is and how it functions. Today, Botox NYC clinics’ anti-aging treatment of choice, is a hit with many clients, and not just in the US, but all across the world. And sure, it may be a little hard to believe that people who aren’t filthy rich can afford such a privilege as anti-aging, but you’ll soon understand that Botox is much closer to you than you think and that today, you have the chance of trying out the treatment for yourself.

Let’s put aside the misinformation spread about this truly special compound and focus on the facts, as we look through Botox’s journey into the modern clinic and perhaps very soon, into your life.

Where It All Started

Like many wonders of the modern world, Botox actually started out in a disaster. There was a botulism outbreak in Belgium around the turn of the 20th century, taking many lives, as a way to properly contain it was not yet developed. It was during this time that a Belgian bacteriologist Emile Van Ermengem isolated the bacterium responsible for the illness.

Throughout the early 20th century, there were many experiments done with it, and in the 50s, the botulinum toxin began to be used in medical practices. It was discovered that the toxin was able to numb and deactivate certain nerve connections, which can be fatal when misused, but in the hands of a medical professional, it can be used for the benefit of people.

The first medical treatment performed with the compound was to treat a twitchy eye, where it was injected near the muscle that was causing the problem. By numbing the muscle, doctors were able to decrease the twitching and found some amazing results.

To this day, the botulinum toxin is being tested as a cure for other diseases, including but not limited to joint pains, muscle spasms, migraines and perhaps even clinical depression. And while most of these are still in deep testing phases, they are showing some great results and the toxin seems to be working quite well. People who suffer from joint pains report that they regained 50% of their limb usage after being injected with Botox and individuals with headaches caused by migraines claim that the compound decreased the pain greatly.

Make Way For Beauty

And so it was in the latter half of the 20th century that the toxin began to make its way into the beauty industry and begin testing. In the late 80s, a doctor performed the first treatment that utilized the toxin to help patients with certain facial conditions and since then, the compound has been constantly updated and developed to be as safe and easy to work with as possible.

Once the treatment was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the early 2000s and so began the production and distribution of Botox, the most widely-known brand of the botulinum toxin. After the name is caught on, pretty much all the botulinum toxin compounds produced are simply referred to as “Botox”, even if the actual brand name may be different.

Considering how it was still in the early years, the cosmetic use for Botox was still very hard to come by, especially for a suitable price. Not many specialists were around at the time, making it very rare to find. And if something isn’t particularly easy to find, you know that it’s going to be expensive.

Which is why in the earlier years of cosmetic Botox, finding a clinic was hard and the prices were very high, as it was still new. Only rich individuals, including celebrities, could afford the privilege of getting treated, creating that stigma of Botox being super exclusive and very expensive, which, to be fair, at that time it was.

The Modern Reality Of Botox

Over the years, as more and more clinics opened up and the Botox compound was developed even further, it became much easier and safer to work with. Sure, the safety regulations are as strict as ever before, but it’s now much easier to find a clinic that’ll ask for a price that’s suitable for your budget.

While it’s hard to say the kind of price you should be expecting, since each clinic has its own pricing model, you should still not worry about the bill, as it’s been regarded as far more reasonable and accessible now than it was at any point in time before.

If you live in a big city like NYC, expect to find tons of clinics, which each have their own specializations, payment models, all kinds of other treatments, and of course, Botox. You can look through the internet to find just which of these can suit your needs and budget. You’ll definitely come across a clinic that’s been regarded as not just professional, but also reasonably affordable.

One of these NYC clinics happens to be MiracleFace MedSpa and its city-famous Botox NYC treatment plan. It’s hard to argue with them, when their specialists are Ivy-League trained and have all the knowledge and expertise that modern medical science can offer. Not only that, but the clinic also uses high-end technology and equipment for their treatments, making sure that they don’t spare any expenses when it comes to delivering quality results to their clients.

You can look through their website to get more information about Botox or any of their other treatments and if you choose to get into contact with them, you can also be a part of Botox history within minutes. So just look how far back Botox goes into our history and just think how far it still has to go into the future.

Ellen Hollington

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