Best Safe Cosmetics tips you Should Know

Best Safe Cosmetics tips you Should Know


It must be a lingering feeling: is my makeup too much or underdone? Get a hold of such unsureties with proper procedure to apply cosmetics. That gives you confidence of wearing just the right layers on your delicate skin. Avoid cakey makeup situations with proper steps to take before and while putting them on. The cosmetic products come in a myriad of varieties, shades and texture. It is your game to select the perfect one for your skin. That makes all the difference.

Never Let Go of These Cosmetic Tips

  • cleanse first- exfoliate your skin at least once a week and hydrate properly. Use overnight creams for soft and hydrated skin surface, ready to be prepped in the morning with makeup cosmetics.
  • prep your eye region- make use of under-eye creams to lighten the dark circles, under-eye brightening serums to get rid of baggy eyes.

Use the eye palette to beautify your eyes. Spread the skin toner and primer to cover up the unevenness and dry up excess moisture. Apply the foundation by spreading it evenly around the eye region too for an even toned skin surface.

Eye Makeup Tips - You need to Know - Purefayce

  • Masaraca, kajals and eyeliners should be light on your eyelashes and skin. They must also be free from harsh chemicals. Go for natural and the organically composed ones to have those dramatic eyes.
  • Fix your eyebrows- trim and shape them for better finish. Do not forget to cover the corners, edges and minute details of your eyebrow.
  • Use skin toner, primer, foundation and concealers which either match or upgrade your skin tone. There should not be much variation from your original skin tone on the scale of the same. Or else your neck and arms would be of different colour than your face.
  • Blend blushes on the cheekbones with suitable brushes and sponges. This is an important step to make the cosmetic layers look natural and realistic on your skin.
  • Scrape off some lipstick; if it’s semi solid (add a few drops of water) or you can make use of your liquid lipstick to be used as your cheek blush.
  • Prep your lips with lip scrubs and seal them with lip balm application. The lip scrubs help to get rid of prior lipstick and gloss residues. Lip scrubs once or twice a week is ideal. Now the cleansed lips must be balmed with the nourishing content of your lip balms. It hydrates the lip cells and gives you luscious soft pink lips.
  • Spritz your makeup setting spray for a well set and long lasting, fuller finish.
  • Use vibrant lipstick hues and lip liners. The solid colours of your lipstick must complement your facial makeup. It is easier to first apply lipstick and then outlining your lips with a suitable lip liner. These define your lips in wonderful curves and impart a delicious pout.
  • For extra sheen apply lip glosses. These could be applied on lip balm treated lips or over the lip balm then lipstick sealed lips too. It’s your choice to embellish your features anyway that you want.
  • For enhanced levels of lip care, apply your skin foundation to get a smooth and even toned texture. Then apply your lipstick with proper lip liners. That way you can avoid the hassle to fill up the already outlined lips.

Buy only those cosmetic products which are safe on your skin, free from harmful chemicals such as lead, formaldehyde, Oxybenzone, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, sulfates, Triclosan, Parabens and so on. Organic and vegan tags must be certified or else they might trick you into using such uncertified products. It is recommended to do a patch test before buying a considerable amount of cosmetic product for regular usage. This informs you about the product’s performance and compatibility with your skin texture. Cosmetic products must be mild on your skin and its features. It should not make your makeup look cakey or unnatural. Now let it work up its magic. Also Check out the whey protein that supports a healthy diet.

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