Benefits Of A Custom Embroidery Dressing Gown

Benefits Of A Custom Embroidery Dressing Gown

Custom embroidery is a favoured method of decorating or personalising fabric, from clothing and linens to bath towels and robes. A unique design or monogram is sewed into the fabric with polyester yarn, either by machine or by hand. Other ornamental details, like beads and other materials, may be used to beautify the embroidered design.

Needlework custom designs can be createdon any type of fabric. It is especially advised to opt for custom embroidery for towels and robes, which are cloths that typically do not hold screen printing which is another method of customising fabric well.

When you want to personalise your robes and towels, custom embroidery has a clear edge over other styles of printing methods, especially when it comes to your bath linen. Keep reading for a closer look at some of the benefits of a personalised dressing gown.

1. Embroidery Looks More Professional

So, why should you choose embroidery over screen printing for your next customisation work? First, custom embroidery gives your outcome a more professional look.

It looks like you put more duration and struggle into the overall design. This makes better branding for your organisation or a more premium present for your recipient. The sewed finish gives the product a more graceful look compared to other printing processes.

2. Custom Embroidery Stays Longer Than Screen Printing

Analogised to screen printing, embroidery may deliver similar outcomes, but the processes are very diverse. Screen printing utilises a mesh screen and textile paints to apply a picture to the cloth. In this method, the printer places the screen on top of the fabric and then uses the inked picture on top.

A squeegee drives the ink via the screen and onto the cloth. Typically, this occurs in a machine, not by hand, especially for large-scale demands.

With this method, large images are easily used on shirts, jackets, and other attire. However, it does not function well for towels and robes, because the printing wears off over time due to the regular wear and tear your bath linens stay. Repeated washing will cause the design to fade or break. So better to go for custom embroidery on the robes.

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3. Embroidery Gives a Greater Room for Creativeness

Embroidery also delivers a greater assortment when it comes to design choices because it does not have to stick to the fabric you are using. Instead, embroidery stitches the design into position.

It is feasible on almost any type of cloth, which is not true for screen printing. This supports the branding of promotional articles with custom logo designs constant.

If you want to customise a variety of articles with matching designs to hand out for branding requirements, you want custom logo embroidery. Also, embroidery permits the use of any color of the rainbow for the final layout.

4. Custom Embroidery Has Many Uses

Embroidered creations are versatile enough for use in a broad range of products and projects. Businesses often use custom embroidery on towels to match other promotional items used as presents or incentives at trade exhibitions and fairs. Custom embroidery on a robe makes a personalised present that shows you care. Embroidered towel designs can also give a restroom or kitchen a personalised touch.

Spas use embellished robe designs for branding goals as they pamper clients.

Whether you’re looking to use custom embroidered robes for yourself or hand them out as gifts to family or corporate giveaways, these robes are luxurious, comfy, and pleasing.

It’s clear from the mentioned benefits that embroidery is the most advantageous over screen printing for towels and robes. Embroidered designs last longer and do not effortlessly get damaged in washing. You’ll get more mileage out of your robe, whether you’re just using it at house or giving it to someone special.



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