Beginner’s Guide: 5 Surprising Facts You Might Not Know About Grand Seiko

Beginner’s Guide: 5 Surprising Facts You Might Not Know About Grand Seiko

Within the inner circles of watch collectors and enthusiasts, where beauty is expected to go beyond, Grand Seiko has made a bigger splash among other brands. With the absolute amount of new releases, the last few years have felt like a declaration of intent for the company. This intent remains unchanged from its very first model up to its latest.

The company is not the most understood brand, but for a long-time fan of the brand, their watches and processes have become eye-opening in a lot of ways. That said, this article will give out some of the essential information you might want to know about the manufacturer. These are the things that every admirer of this brand should know.

It Only Became Available Globally in 2010

Grand Seiko was literally a non-entity outside Japan until 2010. You would barely see it in the magazines or the wrists of A-listers or collectors as it was only reserved for the local market. It should be no surprise though the country is very good at keeping the best of Japan within Japan.

Beginning in 2010, Grand Seiko became available in the chosen markets outside Japan too. Classic Japanese touch and top-quality in appearance are felt by people handling these watches, and the branding on the dial is still Seiko since Grand Seiko is a sub-brand. But, this has become a barrier in showcasing the kind of craft practiced by Grand Seiko. Therefore, in 2017 the brand was worked up to be an independent brand.

It Has an Excellent Level of Handmade Character

Handcrafted and handmade are two different terms and are usually misused in today’s age. However, when Grand Seiko says handmade handwork, they mean it. Dials, cases, heat-blued hands, movements, and indexes are only a few of the processes being done manually at the Grand Seiko manufactory. This only means that the watchmaking process for their models is very human.

One of the essential qualities of a Grand Seiko watch is that whether it is mechanical, Spring Drive, or quartz, they are assembled by one watchmaker. They are made sure to be created in very specific places and particular ways.

They Use Zaratsu Polishing

Grand Seiko watches are popular for their Zaratsu polishing, and the term keeps dragging the brand and its stories. For your reference, Zaratsu polishing is the process of using a lapping machine to smoothen cases, but instead of using the side of the rotating wheel, the front is being used.

This process helps create a distortion-free, smooth, and mirror polish on the surface. Typical polished watch cases are occasionally not perfectly even or free of distortion in how they mirror light. These exceptional polishing machines are expected to create polished, even, and high angular cases.

They Have a Peerless Timekeeping Technology

Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive took twenty years in the making before it was finally seen in a wristwatch back in 1999. It was a hybrid movement, wherein a mechanical movement that does not require any source of power is modulated by quartz technology for more precise timekeeping.

Behind that unique aesthetic signature is another watchmaking innovation and technology introduced by Grand Seiko. The brand clearly does not want to stop pushing horological improvement.

The Spring Drive is practically peerless in terms of the development of its technology. Seiko manufacturing the first hybrid wristwatch and first quartz wristwatch shows no arrogance and pretence about the worthiness of mechanical timekeeping. Grand Seiko is not trying to drop tradition; instead, they are working hard to innovate along with it.

The Accuracy of Its Movements

One of the most admired characteristics of a Grand Seiko watch is its accuracy. Even if the specs are impressive, there is so much more to GS movements than just numbers on spreadsheets.

Grand Seiko revolves in its unique but elegant combination of technology and tradition. It is only fair to say that no other luxury timepiece brand so effortlessly creates watchmaking traditions that lead the entire company with advanced movements that no other company can replicate.

Grand Seiko strives to be always faithful to their heritage while making sure to develop the innovation of movements at the same time. Its movements are elegantly and thoughtfully designed with the goal of accuracy, simplicity, and reliability.


Overall, Grand Seiko is an excellent watch brand hence the high regard it has been receiving all these years. If you are thinking of investing in high-end luxury watches, this one can be one of the most fantastic choices you would make.

Ellen Hollington

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